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What’s On My Mind….Pertaining to golf, of course….

Well, before I get into golf, I’ve got to apologize for being away from the blog for so long…. So long that I needed to do that weird psychedelic code word security thingy to get into my own blog page!!!!

     (*J just told me it’s called ‘captcha’)
That’s too long.  That’s sad…..
So what’s on my mind, pertaining to golf?  
Mostly that it’s awesome and it’s TOUGH.  T. O. U. G. H.   I love it, pure and simple… but it’s crazy difficult.  What’s on my mind is that playing golf at YOUR  (read, ‘my’, selfishly writing this from my own point of view…) level is very difficult!!!!
If you have the desire to improve…. If you’ve every played golf at a significantly high level (that might be a 25 handicap for someone, a 15 for another…. It might be a 5 or a scratch for others…. It might be ‘TOUR QUALITY’ for a select few *my wife, for example….) and my guess is that if you are reading this blog you have the desire to improve!!!!!   
OK,  if you have the desire to improve….  GOLF IS DIFFICULT!  
And you know what?  THAT’S GREAT!  That’s one of the things I love about it.  It demands attention.  It demands focus.  It demands…………  PRACTICE!!!!!!
Yes, there’s always that mythical golfer that just steps out of the car and plays great golf…..  I say, ‘good for him!’.   Most likely, that’s not you!  I sure as heck know that it is not me!  
Don’t let the handicap system make you lazy!  You heard me.  The handicap system allows golfers to not practice/train and still compete to some degree…..  Play lousy enough long enough, and your handicap will reach a level where you can still win if you play decent golf for your standards…. That’s too bad for anyone who has the desire to improve.  
Embrace the fact that golf is difficult.  Create a plan for QUALITY TRAINING, and get to it.  Playing high level golf (set your own standard) is far more rewarding that letting the handicap system compete for you.  
Enough said.   Now GO PLAY GOLF!  Stop THINKING GOLF SWING!!

One and Only Time….I Think

So this should be the one and only time you read me writing about a political statement…..  Most likely.  Probably.  Hopefully. 

The comments our president made about small business owners … about success in general last week absolutely blew me away (OK; pissed me off, really, but didn’t want to just come out so blatantly this early in the post…)
Why bring this up in a golf blog?  Because it reaches the very foundation of success in golf!
He talked about how successful business people like to think that they are smarter, more talented, and/or work harder than the rest of us…..  And he discussed how funny he thought that was!???!%$###!#!@@!!???wt#?
He thought it was funny because he believes people that work harder, or smarter don’t become successful because of that…. they become successful because of OTHER PEOPLE.  He’s putting the priority of success on circumstance, luck, and help…..  Ugh.  That about sums up the greatest gap between successful golfers and the rest of the golfing world.
It bothers me soooooo much because it implies that golfers that get great coaches, or have great equipment become great.  (I want to explode right now…. but trying to remain coherent)
The big issue is that he is not only for the most part wrong.  HIS COMMENTS KILL THE VERY HEART OF SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!   (yes, I’m yelling in print).  His comments go completely against the essence of improvement, in golf, or in life. 
OK,  want to make this clear and to the point.  
THERE IS NO GUARANTEES in life.  There is no guarantee that someone who works harder, smarter, or is more talented than someone else will become more successful.  
I also agree that most often, people don’t succeed by themselves…..  Teachers, coaches, influential souls often play a large role in cultivating success…. 
MOST IMPORTANT.  Without hard work, talent, brains, etc….  the chances of anyone attaining success are incredibly small! 
In the end it’s a philosophy argument.  I’m arguing that if you agree that successful people are successful because of government, because of others, or because of luck…. you are most likely in for a world of hurt and disappointment. (That is EXACTLY how I took the presidents comments).  I philosophically disagree.   
I’m arguing that if you believe that people that work harder, work smarter, and have more talent are the ones that have the best chance to create success…..  You have an infinitely better chance of attaining success (in whatever endeavor you choose).  This is the philosophy I choose to embrace.  
Golf and life are difficult and multi, I mean multi faceted.  There are countless little things that go into becoming successful at anything.  
I’m hear to SHOUT AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS that attitude (positive), work ethic (hard and pure) and brains (always willing to learn) are on the top of my SUCCESS LADDER.  
New equipment and a great teacher WILL NOT make you a better golfer.   HARD WORK, quality practice and a great attitude MIGHT.  No guarantees, but I’m going with the better of the two choices.  Happily, and with full confidence.  
Go PLAY GOLF.  Stop THINKING golf swing.  
***Now having said that, having a great teacher is a big bonus! Call me or email me to sign up for your next lesson at 843 606 0826 or…..    
-How’s that for a shameless plug at the most inappropriate time?  BAM!  

Take Your Medicine

I’m constantly amazed at the shots golfer try to pull off….  I’m not talking about Bubba Watson or Phil Mickelson.  They are two of the most talented golfers in the world, and I’m in awe of their talent and imagination….

No, I’m talking about the 10 handicap golfer that attempts to reach a par 5 in 2, even though water, woods and O.B. surround the green 240 yards away….. I’m talking about the once a week golfer that hits driver off every hole, costing them 7 shots a round…..  I’m talking about the guy faced with an impossible bunker shot that still aims right at the hole, even though the only possible out comes are staying in the bunker, or sailing over the green into the water or another bunker….  
The excuse is often the fun of it.  I’d buy that if I didn’t see so many upset golfers day in and day out…. I’d buy that if we played pure match play each and every day and never posted a score for handicap purposes….   
Truth is, most of us play shots we have no business playing!  I’m also saying that if most of us chose a smarter route, golf would be far more enjoyable and most often scores would be lower!
Play to play great.  That means playing shots within your skill level.  That means thinking great around a golf course, and playing smart golf.  
Leave all that risk and reward to the pros, and those you are competing against.  The professionals have a better chance because of their skill and the repetition of their swings….  Your competitors can continue to play that way, and you’ll come out on the winning end more and more often!
Play smart.  Chip out, lay up, lag putt, TAKE YOUR MEDICINE….. And to really drive my point home…. Study this image
“Should have taken a drop”

GOLFER – SHOULD HAVE TAKEN A DROP  This happened on a desert golf course in the upper Scottsdale area, Arizona near Cave Creek.   He fell backwards into the cactus whilst attempting to play his ball.

It took paramedics 2 hours to pull the cactus needles out before he could go in an ambulance to the hospital.  

The Perfect Golf Partner

There’s been a document floating around the internet for a while that I’ve finally had the chance to read it.  I think it’s worth posting.  I certainly know it defines for me a great playing partner in golf!  Here it is.  My apologies if you have trouble reading this- I may try to edit it in the future to make it more clear. 

Belief in A Method

Find a method.  Believe in that method.  Spend your life training within that method. 

Committing to a teacher, or a golf swing system is powerful and liberating.  Most spend their golfing years searching, fixing, changing, fixing and searching……  in constant search of the magic swing.  These golfers never find ‘it’ specifically because of their training habits…. 

Commit and train within a system and your game will slowly but surely improve over time.  You will be a better, and most cases happier, golfer year after year. 

That’s a sure thing. 

Play Fast, Have Fun

Most of my members recognize the title of this post.  I say it before I send off the LGA, MGA, and pretty much every tournament at my golf course. 


This post idea came from reading an article on the PGA Tour web site.  It was a nice article about how Paul Tesori, a tour caddie who once played on tour himself, made such a big difference in Webb Simpson’s career. 

Golf articles, in general (unless discussing Tiger Woods) are almost always positive.  Unlike other sports and in politics, where every article descends into a childish name calling fest in the comment section below, golf pretty much stays above the fray…

that’s why I was inspired to write about slow play today.  I talk about it a lot.  I KNOW it’s a big problem for golf.  A significant percentage of people do not play golf, or limit their golf because of slow play…. A percentage in the high 90’s is unhappy when they get behind slow groups…..

Back to the nice article about Webb and Paul.  The comments were not typical comments you find after a golf article about a PGA tour player… Usually, most comments are from fans agreeing with the article, or wishing their players luck and success through the season… It’s actually pretty refreshing after reading the moronic statements posted after pretty much every Red Sox article on their web site (especially once a Yankee fan logs on….).

These comments were slamming Webb, Paul and the whole tour on SLOW PLAY! 

If even the nicest of fans turn negative, harsh, even vicious in their word, something is very wrong….  More so if the article had next to NOTHING to do with slow play. 

Slow play is such a bad subject in the game today, even an article highlighting the success of a young golfer with his experienced caddie can turn sour.  It’s a sure sign things need to change. 

Play fast.  Have fun.  And make sure YOU, yes YOU, can never be accused of slow play.  It’s the scarlet letter in golf. 

Slo-Mo and It’s Destructive Force in Golf

WARNING:  Watching a slow motion golf swing can be hazardous to your golf……

I get so frustrated when I go to you tube to try to find an illustrative golf swing.  You see, the laws of physics allow a swing to work.  You can sometimes see these laws occurring in a normal speed swing, but almost never in a slow motion swing….  
So OK, there is a time or two where an occasional slow motion swing is OK to look at or analyze….  but it’s very limited.  
Slow Motion is a destructive force in golf because it completely overwhelms the golfing world.  You’ll find 20 slo-mo videos for every one regular speed swing.  That is a KILLER!!!
Why, because the only reason to look at slo-mo is to ANALYZE.  We look at slow motion to study specific positions that golfers reach (naturally and through tons of practice and the laws of physics) and then THINK about moving the club into those positions….   
*We do not learn to walk, ride a bike, tie our shoes, etc… through video analysis!  We learn through the bodies sensory systems!!! We CAN and do learn sport through the same system! Somewhere, golf has become an engineering problem, rather than a sport.  
Video has it’s place, no doubt (some visual learning can take place, and it has a huge entertainment value for golfers….).  In general though, video and slow-mo (more specifically) has thrusted the golf world down the wrong path of learning.  Over the last 20 years, as we understand more and more about the way we learn, we have also improved video technology and that ‘cool’ factor has kept the main stream golf media and teaching from going to more athletic/natural learning….  
That is destructive for the long term learning prospects of most golfers.* 
This is a venting blog.  I feel better now.  
PLAY GOLF.  DO GRAVITY DRILLS.  Stay away from the destructive, yet alluring pull of THINKING GOLF SWING.  
*(In fairness, a few of the most talented, most dedicated, and those with enough resources WILL benefit from this technology)

The Optimism of a Golf Nut

I can really relate to this comment.  It’s as if there is a secret optimist lying deep down in every golf nut! Thanks for sharing, Bob!

“I KNOW that I can do better than I did LAST time, so it just drives me back. Some days, I wish I had never been bitten by the “bug.” And, then I have a good day and can’t understand how I could ever think about quitting.” -Bob D