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If Golf was a Feather…..

Most of us simply LOVE the game.  The goal should be to enjoy every moment.  Every shot!

Some of us play the game far more seriously.  It can be great to be competitive and focused….
It truly seems that some golfers play simply to get mad!  They blame the course, the clubs, the wind, etc…They yell.  They curse.  They BARK! It’s a waste of time, and it sucks the fun out of the game…..
The reality of the game is that it is difficult.  Sometimes downright scary.  Playing with fear is almost always a swing killer.  
 It happens to us all, and we need to work hard to PLAY TO PLAY GREAT!  *And trust me, when that wind blows that little feather around… it can be plenty scary!
…..Something to think about.  
Now go PLAY GOLF! Stop THINKING golf swing.  
*Special thanks to Calvin, for putting on a great show with that feather!  Also, thanks to my wife, J, for taking such great photos!

Like an Icecream for a Food Junkie

Our first frost today….  37 degrees as I write this (and to all you northerners…. I know it’s far worse up there!). 

Well here’s a little eye candy for all of us golf junkies!

Hole #10 at Carolina Colours Golf Club. 

Don’t you want to hit that shot?  Yum….  Or in the words of KJ Choi as he described his supersized jumbo putter grip:  “Delicious.” 

***Northerners….  Remember,  shovel with your core! 

Carolina Colours- Picture #9

Hole #9- 500yd par 5
This is your view as you drive into Carolina Colours Golf Club.  It’s a beautiful and fun hole to play.  Potentially a 2 shot hole for long hitters, you just have to navigate the water on the left.  Bail out to the right and you can find yourself in a big ole’ bunker about 30-40 yards from the pin (a difficult shot made terrifying by the water surrounding the green). 

Play it as a 3 shot hole and it’s very manageable.  Bill Love (course designer) does a fantastic job of intimidating a player, yet giving them plenty of room if they play a smart shot.  A good chance for birdie, the occasional eagle, and even some heartbreak!

Carolina Colours Golf Club: Picture #7

Great to look at this very green photo, as the ground here at Carolina Colours is once again covered in snow!

Hole #7- 420yd par 4

The 7th hole has a fairway like a runway.  It’s in theory a simple, straight away hole.  2 things make this hole very interesting to play on a daily basis.  First is the slope of the fairway.  It’s a slightly elevated tee shot for the first 260 yards.  It also slopes gently to the left.  Catch just the right drive and you can get way, way down the fairway, yet often times, the drive just seems to stop, and you’re left with a massive second shot.

The second thing that makes this hole interesting every time I play it is the depth of the green.  Like many others here at Carolina Colours, the green depth can really change the dynamics of the hole!  Weak drive an a back pin, and you’re looking at a second shot of over 200 yards….  Bomb a drive and have a forward pin and it’s conceivable to hit a sand wedge.  You just never know, and it keeps the hole a curiosity to me, and I love that!

Carolina Colours: Picture #5

Hole #5, 400yd par 4.  From this picture you can get another look at the really cool tee complexes at Carolina Colours Golf Club.  As you look beyond the tees you can see a large lake in front of and to the right of the fairway.  The landing area is a lot bigger than it looks in the picture, it’s really a meaty hole with lots of room, and lots of length.  It plays long because the “A” spot for the tee shot is leaning on the right side of this dogleg left.  You then hit into an enourmous 3 club green.  Below you’ll get a look at the green and its surroundings.

Carolina Colours: Picture #4

Hole #4- 370yd par 4

I like this photo because it gives you a glimpse of the tee boxes at Carolina Colours Golf Club.  Bill love designed lots of large “L’s” for tee boxes, and it not only looks cool, it offers great variety in the tee placements.

OK,  Hole number 4 is not long, but it can be intimidating.  The ravine you see in in this picture looks menacing, but for most golfers playing the right tee box, it’s really no problem to carry with a solidly struck shot.  You can be aggressive on this hole and hit driver over the right side fairway bunker, leaving you with a flip wedge to the green.  I recommend a 3-wood or hybrid, because shots hit left run out of real estate more quickly than it looks. 

Here’s a better look at the landing area and green:

Carolina Colours: Picture #3

Hole #3- 540yd par 5.  Love this hole!  Love all the par 5’s on this course!!  The 3rd hole is a double dogleg.  The tee shot should fit in between the two bunkers you see in the picture.  If you really blast one, you may be able to carry the bunker on the left and have a great angle to attack the hole in two.  The hole really becomes interesting when you hit a mediocre tee shot.  There is a large ravine that runs across the fairway that makes you really think hard before hitting your second shot.  Laying up short leaves you with over 160 yards into the green, but taking it over the ravine pretty much means that you must strike your shot solidly.  Thin, heeled, toed, even sliced shots will most likely end up in disaster.  Fun hole because most often the medium length ball striker should have a realistic chance for birdie.  Hit a poor drive, and I highly recommend taking your medicine and laying up.  Big numbers can happen fast on this hole if you get greedy.