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Belief in A Method

Find a method.  Believe in that method.  Spend your life training within that method. 

Committing to a teacher, or a golf swing system is powerful and liberating.  Most spend their golfing years searching, fixing, changing, fixing and searching……  in constant search of the magic swing.  These golfers never find ‘it’ specifically because of their training habits…. 

Commit and train within a system and your game will slowly but surely improve over time.  You will be a better, and most cases happier, golfer year after year. 

That’s a sure thing. 

It’s Too Bad….

It’s too bad that any golfer would rather raise their handicaps in order to be competitive rather than work on their game…  It leaves a bad taste in my mouth that we have come to that. 

For the last decade, I’ve heard talk about getting the handicap up as a benefit more and more….  It is completely incomprehensible to me. 

I know we live in a ‘quick fix’ world, where people want a better swing NOW.  But most certainly we’ve taken it too far.  Now we don’t even need a better swing, we can just post a few high rounds and then we’re competitive again. 

Worst thing is that it hurts the few who really do work at improving.  The few who see the value in training. 

Those few may not win as many ‘bet’s/games’ as they should anymore, but I guess they can keep their pride. 

To all those who still want to lower their handicaps AND be competitive, you have my respect!  Keep at it! 

*Final thought:  By definition, golfers that read my blog are striving for improvement.  You KNOW it takes work.  Any time you may get one of those sarcastic thoughts (most always a bit of truth in sarcasm…) about getting your handicap UP, I hope you squash it and run to the DRIVING RANGE!  Best,

George Connor is an exeptional teacher.  Two things stand out when I think about George and his teaching:

1.  He’s always learning!  He’s into everything and constantly expanding his knowledge.

2.  He cares. 

I’ve known George for 20+ yrs…. He was my first boss when we were both new in the business.  Ask him about “fan ball” at Keney Golf Course if you ever get the chance to meet him.  Don’t mention the stolen TV incident…..

Anyway, George is currently the Director of Instruction at Academy of Golf at Gillette Ridge in the Hartford, CT area.

Today I want to give you a link to his blog – George’s Blog 

Check out his blog and his website ( )and by all means, MAKE COMMENTS!  Us/We? (Coop, I need help on that one) teachers love questions, comments, debates, etc…. 


Happy Thanksgiving.  Hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did.  My wife and dog were in town which is just fantastic!  We hung out with our new friends in the Carolina Colours community, had a nice dinner and over all just enjoyed the day. 

OK, let’s talk about sandbaggers…..  I hear so many golfers talking about working their handicaps up just so they can compete in tournaments….  I just don’t get that.  I know that in many cases, the guys that are sandbagging(cheating) will walk away with the prizes, but why give away your integrity for a prize or some money?  Here’s a great quote I just read (Thanks for sending along the article, Leon)

“it amuses me that fellows who regularly rail against the welfare system should rely on what amounts to a handout system when they play golf.” -Robert Carney

Here’s the link so you can read the whole article.

Final Thought:  The handicap system was brilliantly brought about so that in golf, unlike almost any other sport, competitors of varying skill levels could compete against one another.  As soon as you begin to “work” your handicap, the entire system collapses.  YOU’RE CHEATING YOURSELF, aren’t you?  What kind of pride can you take in beating someone because you “gamed the system”…. ?  Don’t you see that you didn’t really beat them?

…. I shake my head

Meeting the Designer, Bill Love

Met Bill Love yesterday, the course designer of Carolina Colours.  Always a real pleasure meeting someone totally passionate about their expertise.  Saturday was also our opening tournament for property owners and members for the full 18 holes.  Great day! 

Bill discussed two things I thought could be helpful.  1.  playing from the right set of tees.  It’s not just about skill level.  It’s about distance and shot dispersion.  Play from the wrong tees and design features of a golf course can wreak havoc on your shots.  Play from the right set of tees and you can hit marginal shots to different areas and “manage” your game just fine.  2.  Managing a golf course.  Bill takes a lot of pride in building a course that takes time and effort to figure out.  Most courses are designed in a manner in which you can get around in the number of shots you would like, if you play a THINKING MAN’S GAME.  Bill’s a thinker, and he likes to figure out ways to make par, or bogie, by playing a hole a certain way.  I suggest you take a look at your course and begin to figure out the possibilities.  You’ll have fun attempting your new strategy, and it’s very rewarding to shoot consistently good scores by playing SMART golf. 

Congratulation, Jim Furyk!

Jim won the Fed Ex Cup, and I couldn’t be happier for him.   I was really bothered by the raw deal he got a few weeks before when he overslept for a pro-am and was subsequently disqualified from that weeks tournament (the first week of the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs).  I completely understand the tours thinking behind punishing tour players for not showing up to a pro-am.  I also think disqualification is an overly harsh punishment that will be changed (and it may have already been changed after the fact).  Warn them, fine them, then DQ if necessary….. 

Anyway, more importantly, we see another example of overcoming obstacles!  We see someone getting tossed a bad deal only to come out on top in the end!  I love it! 

Minimum whining, maximum focus and determination. 

….. And of course Jim has one of the best GRAVITY GOLF swings of all time!  Have you picked up the greatness of his motion yet?  Can you tell that he slings his arms with his counterfall and pivot?  Awesome!

Carolina Colours: Picture #4

Hole #4 at Carolina Colours.   Par 4  404yds  from the Championship Tees

This is one of those intimidating holes.   The hazard you see running across this fairway is not that difficult to carry.  It’s just one of those shots where when you stand on the tee, the carry seems serious!  Hit a solid drive from the correct set of tees and you will carry the hazard with ease!  Swing free and with confidence!