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The Inspiration of a New Year!

*Above:  Calvin at Sullivan’s Island

Happy New Year!  What a wonderful opportunity!  Each New Year, we get the chance to reflect on the previous year and GET FIRED UP about the New Year!  I just love it. 

So let’s get fired up about golf in 2013! 

Why?  Because we can!!!!  We can set new goals.  We can dream our golf dreams.  We can write down our strategies and lay out our plans for success! 

How good do you want to get this year?  I’m not talking about winning net events, I’m talking about how many strokes off your handicap do you want to take?  What is your goal for low round?  I’m talking about what kind of scores do you want to shoot in competition (gross scores!)?

How are you going to get there?  More practice?  Better practice?  Golf Lessons?  Play more?

What other kinds of golf goals will get your juices flowing? 

·         A round free of double bogies and or ‘others’?

·         A bogie free round?

·         A certain number of pars or birdies in a round, or pars/birdies in a row? 

·         50% up and down from inside 30 yards?  (harder than you think!  But a great motivator!!!)

·         Etc., etc…..

Be creative.  Set a few goals and then begin to plan your year.  Practice better, study, do the gravity golf drills….  Put your mind and body into it, and I can guarantee you’ll be proud as you look back at 2013!

Whether you accomplish the goal or not is not as important as the attempt and intent put into it. 

Well, I’m pretty fired up about the New Year!  Want some help planning your strategies?  Want some help with your game?  Want to bounce off some ideas with me as to how to go about achieving your goals?   Please do not hesitate to email me at, or stop by Snee Farm or RiverTowne and discuss!  

Best wishes in 2013!  Many eagles, pars and birdies! 

Now go PLAY GOLF! Stop THINKING golf swing!!!

Random Thoughts on the PGA Championship

Rory…. Wow.  

Carl Pettersson…. Very impressed after an unfortunate ruling…. Also seems like a great guy to hang with.  
On being local:   It was really fantastic to have such an incredible event right down the street.  Knowing the course well really made me feel apart of the event.  I remember one afternoon sitting out on the picnic tables at Snee Farm with a couple of members and realizing that the wind whipping against my face hit the players just a short time ago (how cool is that?)….   I could also stand outside and know how the wind effected the players on any give hole…. That’s pretty cool. 
The Ruling:  Hated to see Carl get penalized for moving that tiny little leaf in the hazard.  Don’t blame the rules officials for following the rules… just think that maybe, an adjustment has to be made.  Clearly, there was no mal intent in the swing.  Also makes me think of all the violations I potentially had in the past that never crossed my mind.  
*perhaps that’s the bigger issue for me.  As someone who really cares about the rules, it’s frustrating to know that I could violate this one so easily! Without even realizing it….  
***Remember, YOU CAN touch grass at address and while you swing in a hazard.  You cannot ground the club, you cannot move, bend, or break gunk that might improve your lie.  The fact that you CAN touch the grass and freely swing back makes the whole thing about little pieces of broken leaves or grasses ridiculous….  in my humble opinion.  Hope they re-word this one.  
************LOVED the fact that Carl P birdied the next 3 of the next 4 holes after he got the word about his 2 stroke penalty!
Gravity Golfers:  It was wonderful to see VJ back in action.  Sure, he played poorly over the weekend, but his swing still just oozes GRAVITY and we can ALL improve by understanding why even at 49 he is one of the best in the game.  Aaron ‘Bad’s’ played great for a while and his swing is quite possibly the best of all the young players in terms of PURE GRAVITY (now that he’s off of his ‘stack and tilt’ kick…).  Bill K used the term ‘glides’ when he described Louis Oosthuizen swing…. I think that’s great!  Louis combines ‘simple’ with gravity.  Really, really good move.  
Controversial Comment:   Rory does not have the MOST EFFICIENT swing in golf.  Listen, there’s a ton of GRAVITY in Rory’s swing.  I just noticed in the last few weeks that there is less than before.  He’s recently developed, or incorporated a ‘tug’ (I’ll call it) in the transition of his swing.  It was less prevalent on Sunday afternoon, but still there.  
***I’m not saying Rory was not the most fantastic golfer of the week!  I’m not saying he clearly hit the ball better than anyone during the PGA Championship.  I’m simply saying that I’ve seen his swing more efficient (GRAVITY), in the past.  
Finally…. Loved the buzz around town.  Great venue (lousy traffic issues), great town.  Something cool to be apart of.  
Now…… GO PLAY GOLF!  Stop THINKING golf swing.  

Breaking Radio Silence….To Celebrate!

Might as well turn this little ego kick I’m embarking on into a lesson…. So here we go!

The Power of Positive Visualization. 

So my time here at Carolina Colours has come to an end.  It’s been a fantastic time. 

I love this golf course!

When I first began playing the course I remember commenting to Ken that I really think I’ll make a hole in one here….  Because the design of the course fits my eye so well, I was confident that I would make a good run at holing out on one of the par threes.

We’ve talked about it a lot.  I’ve agonized over it after several close calls…. But most importantly, I had a visual of holing out most every time I stepped on a par 3! (most of the par 3’s anyway….)

Over the last month, it became a bit of a comical obsession of mine to ace #16.  It’s the shortest hole on the course, and the only one that has NOT had a hole-in-one recorded.  I’ve talked about it with staff and members and tried calling it pretty much to anyone I’ve played with over the last couple of weeks.  When Joe, Paul and Mike came up for a visit, I darn near holed it (or at least made the shot worth watching) each time we played! 

So yesterday was probably my last round here (as head professional) at Carolina Colours Golf Club.  Ken and I talked about how I might leave here without making my hole-in-one…..  What a shame.  While driving from 15 to 16, we discussed the possibility of taking a shag bag out the next day and just teeing away for the afternoon!!!! (yes, that desperate!)

Now I know that a hole-in-one is a bit like winning the lottery…. It takes a lot of luck.  And I honestly made that lottery connection in my mind before teeing off.  I thought about how cool it would be if this was the time.  How incredible would that be if I could ace this hole the very last time I play it as the Head Professional of the course….. 

108 yards.  Perfect 3/4 gap wedge.  When I hit it, we started talking it up (like many other times)… As it approached the green, I think we began shouting at the ball….  it hit about 4 feet from the hole, bounced past and then spun back into the hole…….

silence….   Total disbelief?  The best we could both do is say ‘I think that might have gone in?!?’

Holy #%%$#@ (mom, pardon the language), we were giddy, but still not quite believers…. I was afraid to believe too much!

And then we drove around so that we could see the entire green complex.  NO BALL. 

I DID IT!!!!  I now had that dumb glazy look on my face like Phil Mickelson gets when he’s just won another major (yeah, I’m equating this ace with a Major victory!  It’s my blog after all.)

Ken walked over to look first and confirmed that my ball was in the bottom of the cup.  It’s official. 

First hole in one-  15yrs old.  Hole #4 at Pinecrest GC. 140yd par 3  6:15am- A maintenance guy moving the sprinkler heads on the 3rd green saw it.  Yup, my last hole in one was back in the day when most greens were watered by the rotating sprinkler heads you hooked up to a hose!!!!

Second hole in one- 43yrs, 13 days old.  Hole #16 at Carolina Colours Golf Club.  108yd par 3.  Ken Gerhardt was the witness (and fortunately I managed to hole out on a hole short enough for him to actually see it go in!!!). 

How about them apples?   Pretty proud of myself right now….. 

Oh yeah.   VISUALIZE.  See the shot,  Trust the shot!  Let’s celebrate!

Pardon the Interuption….

Just noticed it’s been 9 days since my last blog!  Yikes.  My apologies.  Most of you know by now that things have changed pretty drastically for me in the last 7 days…. 

My apologies for the break in the blog.  Think of it as a great time to go to and REVIEW!!!!

Every year, Nicklaus would spend time with Jack Grout, and then later in his career with Jim Flick reviewing his grip, stance, posture and alignment…. 

Some of my best posts were written in the first few months of this blog.  Hope you take a few minutes to get a refresher!  I’ll be back. 

Have any questions?  Comments?  Please send them along, it will definitely help me to get back to writing.  Thanks,

*One week ago I accepted the position of Director of Golf at 2 clubs in Mt. Pleasant, SC- Snee Farm and Rivertowne.  Though I’m extremely excited for my upcoming opportunity, I’m also very sad to be leaving Carolina Colours Golf Club.  Great community, terrific staff and employers, and an awesome golf course.  We were a great fit and I truly loved my time here as Head professional.  I’ve got a few more weeks here in New Bern, NC to wrap things up.  My mind will be deep into organizing things up here as well as planning my new adventures down in Charleston!

History Quiz

Here’s a golf history quiz: 

If you went.  “Oh yeah,  I get it”…. You passed the quiz.  If you’re befuddled by it- it’s time for a little history lesson via YouTube.  Go to 1 min 23 seconds into this video  and I think you’ll understand the comic strip.

Golfers should know the history of the great tour players, Mr. Rodriguez was certainly one of the greats! 

*I remember my buddy Clint (of the ‘confessions of a former slow golfer’ fame) asking me if anyone could get a way with doing something like this today?  Kind of funny if you think about it.  Can you imagine Camilo Villegas doing a dance like this?  Now that I’m typing this…. I guess Camilo has come the closest to something like this in a long time with his “spiderman” routine!

Here’s to a Great 2012!

2011 was a great year of golf, both on the tour and here at home.  I’m excited about 2012, cause I think it’s going to be an even better year! (and I’ll be back up and playing this spring!)

Happy New Year!

*Plan on practicing more and BETTER* this year!  You’ll be rewarded.

*Better practice mean more GRAVITY DRILLS and more SHORT GAME training. 

Free Week!

The week between Christmas and New Year is a great week to just go brain dead.  For many of us, it’s either a short work week, a week off, or simply not a very busy week at all…..  That’s great!

Use it to reboot the system. 

Take the week off from practicing golf.  Or take the week to play with no expectations at all! 

The key is to give the brain a rest, so you can get FIRED UP about golf in 2012!!!  I find that if I relax a bit for a couple of days after Christmas….by the end of the week, I get all fired up about planning great stuff for the new year. 

And as you can tell, I practice what I preach, cause I’ve got nothing else to write about!  My brain is in ‘sleep mode’ (I can hear my brother making a crack about me ALWAYS being in sleep mode….)


Enjoy the week. 

Presidents Cup

One of the benefits of being sidelined with injury is that I have gotten to see the all of the President’s Cup matches up to date. 

Royal Melbourne looks awesome! 

The golf course was clearly set up too difficult on day 2 of the matches.  The speed of the greens, combined with their firmness made golf in 20+ mph winds a bit silly.  I still think too many people find it amusing or cool somehow to have professionals play on courses that are no longer ‘normal’.  Good shots were not rewarded and luck played too big of a role in my opinion…. Fortunately, the day ended with a tie in the matches, so no big deal. 

But no doubt the course looks fantastic!  Play it with greens at a 10 on the stimp meter, a bunch more receptive to iron shots, and it’s clearly one of the great courses of the world. 

The golfers….  well, they certainly are the best of the best.  We look for marquee matchups, but truth is, any golfer out there can beat any other golfer in the field on any given day.  Jay Hass made that clear during the final day picks, when he kept telling Freddy that it didn’t really matter who he picked to play against Geoff Olgilvy, or KJ Choi…. They are all good.  Any one of our players can play…. 

In about 15 minutes, I’ll begin watching the final day of singles matches.  Looking forward to watching the great GRAVITY SWINGS of Ernie Els, Hunter Mahan, YE Yang, Aaron Baddeley, KJ Choi, Retif Goosen, Webb Simpson, and Jim Furyk, just to name a few!

Time to get out the ice, put my bum leg up and watch some golf! Golf is healing….