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Trust the Method. Trust the Indian….

Below is a blog written by a long time student, Joe Losek.  Reading it (even though I lived it) allowed me to see it with a new perspective.  

There is a major theme in my LEARNING philosophy…. Has been for over 15 years.  I’m proud to say that this blog validates what I so strongly believe-  I’ve got to admit that it’s rewarding to know that I practice what I preach!  Here’s 2 quick ways to understand this very powerful LEARNING philosophy: 

1.  “Put your best swing on the next shot”  -J. Busuttil……  (That’s the best answer to how to ‘fix’ the last shot….golfers too often change their next swing… Fix their next swing and end up in a constant cycle of swing, fix, swing, fix, swing…..)

2.  “It’s the BELIEF in the method that makes the greatest difference in learning” 

-Dr. David Cook

OK, on to the blog.  Thanks Joe!

Guest Blogger:  Joe Losek

Title: See it, feel it and TRUST IT. Pre-shot routine


I have the good fortune each week of doing the Driver Drill with our pro Pete Dunham [You hit 100 balls in 12 minutes].  During the most recent drill, Pete started with right arm and left arm only cross- footed and transfer drills for the first 30 balls.  Then advanced to off the deck, 2-arm front route, cross-footed and transfers for the next 40 balls.  

The shots were not up to his usual level of “beautiful”, but considering these were one arm only and off the deck shots it was hard to be too critical. However, he then hit the last 30 shots from the tee alternating every 5 shots between spread-footed front routes to regular swings. Normally these shots from the mats easily clear the trees, but most of Pete’s hits were falling into or short of the trees and many shots were weak ballooning to the right hits. We did not know what to say. But Pete continued with no words of doubt, frustration or anger. Gravity Golf drills have worked in the past and there was no reason to think that the forces of gravity and rotation had changed.  The laws of physics do not change. Just ask David Lee.


When done, Pete asked us if we saw any obvious flaws. We have been doing Drive Drill together for over 4 years and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses  and routinely critique our sessions, usually with words of congratulation. However we did not see any flaws, Pete was turning deep and level and finishing balanced, but the hits did not have the sharp pop and piercing slight draw trajectory as in the past. Did the forces of gravity and rotation suddenly abandon our talented pro?  Will those who of us have seen great improvement and a renewed enjoyment to our golf need to find a new method to advance our games?


Fortunately NO. The principles of Gravity Golf are as true as ever. Pete’s driver head was cracked. For once it was the arrow and not the Indian.


Take home message, despite poor shots, Pete continued to turn deep and finish balanced, completely trusting the principles of Gravity golf. For us who have not worked at Gravity golf for as many years as Pete, such an experience would have likely transformed us into raging, foul worded, doubting complainers. Learn from Pete, TRUST IT.

Arrow or Indian?

Recently I played with some guys and on the 14 th hole one of them says to me,”you should get your swing on track man. As solid as you hit it, you are loosing yards to us with better technology.”. Now pete, I’ve always believed it’s not the arrow but the Indian, but could this be true. By the way, on 18 my out of date technology driver was 44 yards past the others, but by then the ibuprofen had kicked in…  -Rob
Absolutely, for the most part, it’s the Indian.  
Add technology to good technique, however, and you’ll find some more yards.  With the driver, it seems about every 3-5 years technology improves enough to warrant a new driver (better head design, shaft consistencies, and better fitting potential for the golfer).  
The Indian is still Chief. But, check out some drivers and you may find one that is consistently 5-10 yards longer.

A Discussion for Serious Golfers

If you don’t play in the rain, you can skip this read.  For those who play tournament golf to any degree, or love golf enough to simply put a hat and a rain jacket on…. I’ve got some advice for you.  (I seriously hope that no one that reads this blog would let a little rain stop them from playing golf, or get them to quit mid round…. )

WEAR RAIN GLOVES.  One of the great advancements in golf, in my opinion.  Most golfers remember the frustration of trying to keep their grips dry while playing in the rain…. With today’s rain gloves, you don’t have a worry in the world!  The club simply will not slip. You don’t have to hassle with extra towels, etc…  
You are losing shots to the field and needlessly frustrating yourself if you don’t have them.  It’s that simple.  
I’ll finish by saying this: If you think you can’t wear 2 gloves, or 1 glove because it changes your feel….  That’s a lame excuse!  It’s holding on to an archaic and false belief about feel.  (We can have that discussion later).  

Club Fitting & Ball Fittings…. Are They Worth the Trouble?

Yeah, I think it is worth while to have your clubs set correctly.  I also think there are golf balls out there that at by far out perform others….

Having said that, let me be blunt about the extent to which golfers should be focused on “the perfect club” and “the perfect ball”.  Get over it quickly, and GO PLAY GOLF! 
Graphite shafts also have flooded the market and make choosing a club that much more complicated.  A club fitter can take a lot of the guess work out of the process!
Many golfers can simply swing a couple of different irons and feel the ones they like.  they can hit a few balls and the process is complete!  Now the only thing that should be done is to check the loft and lie to make sure they are consistent!  Serious golfers should definitely get their clubs set (even new sets from the factory!!!) for loft and lie.  Probably the biggest shock for me was how far off so many sets of clubs are that have been shipped straight from the factory!  
Now every time you play or practice your clubs really take a beating.  Every 6 months to a year you should probably go check that the clubs have not changed in their lie angles and loft.  The softer the club, the more often you should do this!  Many tour players get their clubs re-set every week!  They are not changing things, but rather getting them back in alignment.  
Past that,  I wouldn’t worry too much about iron fittings…  All the major brands make great clubs.   They are hard metal!  They will move a ball with your swing.  Find one that feels good in your hands.  Find one that makes a creates a sound of impact that you like.  That’s it!
Ball fittings are getting to be a big thing now.  Here is my take on a golf ball.  The top of the line balls or all the major brands are the best ball for most golfers.  They are also the most expensive (you get what you pay for).  If you are nuts enough about the game to spend the big dollars, buy them (or find blemished or slightly used balls for sale on line!).   The best balls will simply give you the best chance for predictable results on your shots, particularly your chips and putts.  
Other golf balls are fine! They may be a little less predictable, but you most likely will never notice!!!  They might roll out on a few shots 3 extra feet, or come off a couple of feet dead on a long putt once in a while, but they will surely work!  Your scores won’t change because of the ball you use!!!  ****YOU CAN’T BUY A GAME****
I would say that the better the player, the more important it would be to have a top of the line ball.  (Any major brand!)  The reason most tour pro’s can switch ball companies is that it really doesn’t matter!!!  All the balls are really good and will perform reliably.  Don’t over think your golf ball!   Play the ball that fits your price range.  That goes from water balls you find all the way up!