Come to the Dark Side

Scotty Welch’s comments about balance are right on, especially after training in the GRAVITY GOLF SYSTEM (and 12 fairways and 14+ greens are good for just about anyone at any time!).  His comments about the Dark Side came at a perfect time.  I’m beginning to teach up in New Bern, and my new students are just getting exposed to the drills….  I am well aware that they seem odd, weird, bizarre, and a few other things….  In the beginning, it’s certainly a leap of faith on my students part. 

Keep the comments coming!  It’s not only great to hear from you guys, it’s got to be helpful for my new students who are wondering what in the hell they are getting into. 

Come to the Dark Side.  Learn and train in the drills.

Hitting Out of the Rough


We’ve got some nasty rough at Carolina Colours… Some of the members are calling it “Velcro” as it tends to really grab and almost stick to the club.  To make matters worse, underneath the rough is hard ground…. I mean hard, like cured clay in a gazillion degree oven. 


It’s a new course thing… As the rough ages and continues to grow, it will soften.  Thatch will begin to form underneath and golf life will go back to normal.  The key to hitting out of this rough, or any rough, is TURNING THROUGH THE SHOT.  Rotation around the forward pivotal axis allows the club to move forward and level.  Any attempt to swing down at, destroys rotation, and the arms can only move the club down and up, so you’ll either get stuck in the rough, or with our hard ground, bounce back up and into the ball… 


Most golfers are trying to be still on short shots. This is killer number one.  Most golfers are trying to muscle the ball out of the rough with their arms (arm tension downward destroys pivotal rotation)… this is killer number 2.  Let the heavy arms fall (did you know that the arms of an adult male weigh close to 30 lbs!!?) and simply turn your mass around the forward leg.  The rough is no match for connected foot pounds at impact! 


Afraid you’ll hit it too far?  We’ll get out and practice the fall of the arms, and the turn of the body!  Realize that tour professionals have a complete rotational followthru of the hips on shots over 30 yards.  If VJ Singh, former bouncer, can hit soft shots out of the rough with a fully rotated followthru, I’m sure you can too! 





Swinging at 80%


This is one of those sayings that lingers around the golf world, but is seriously mis-understood.  So many golfers, me included for many years, falsely believe that if they could just swing easy, they would play better golf.  They use Freddy and Ernie as examples of the 80% theory.  Then they incorrectly try to take something off their swings, usually by decelerating!!! 


Be very clear on this fact:  Freddy and Ernie swing to move the ball as far as they can!  They just have a better perception of power than most golfers…. This is important because golf courses are long!  The instinct to move the ball far is very strong as it should be…  The key is to learn how to be more efficient in your swing, not to swing less hard….  Freddy and Ernie use gravity and rotation to a higher degree than most, and learning how to tap into that is the key to more powerful and accurate shots! 


And it just so happens I know exactly how to help you develop such a swing!


Meeting the Designer, Bill Love

Met Bill Love yesterday, the course designer of Carolina Colours.  Always a real pleasure meeting someone totally passionate about their expertise.  Saturday was also our opening tournament for property owners and members for the full 18 holes.  Great day! 

Bill discussed two things I thought could be helpful.  1.  playing from the right set of tees.  It’s not just about skill level.  It’s about distance and shot dispersion.  Play from the wrong tees and design features of a golf course can wreak havoc on your shots.  Play from the right set of tees and you can hit marginal shots to different areas and “manage” your game just fine.  2.  Managing a golf course.  Bill takes a lot of pride in building a course that takes time and effort to figure out.  Most courses are designed in a manner in which you can get around in the number of shots you would like, if you play a THINKING MAN’S GAME.  Bill’s a thinker, and he likes to figure out ways to make par, or bogie, by playing a hole a certain way.  I suggest you take a look at your course and begin to figure out the possibilities.  You’ll have fun attempting your new strategy, and it’s very rewarding to shoot consistently good scores by playing SMART golf. 

Carolina Colours: Picture #13

Hole 13, 400+ yd par 4.  

I can’t wait to play this hole as a par 4.  It’s a beast!  Right now, we are playing it as a temporary par 3 and it’s still a great hole.  This shot is taken from about 160 yard out.  I’m standing on a temporary tee and if you look closely, you can see another in the lower portion of this photo.  Often times when you hear “temporary” in regards to a hole, it really takes away from your experience at a golf course.  We are fortunate to have a temporary par 3 that is as strong as any of the other holes on the golf course.  The green is huge and the bunkers frame the hole beautifully.  More dramatically, you’ve just come over an impressive bridge that takes you into a deeply wooded area, and all traces of the community disappear.   This is the beginning of the best stretch of holes on the course! 

Opening of the Back Nine!

Today we open the back nine at Carolina Colours!  Yesterday, the owner, the GM, the Superintendent, and myself played the back nine to check things out.  Some of the fairways are a bit rough in terms of grass coverage.  They are definitely a bit bumpy.  You can, however, always find a decent lie close by, so I thought there was no problem with the fairways….

THE GOLF COURSE IS FANTASTIC!  It’s one of the best 9 holes I’ve played.  There is a great variety of holes and the holes are framed in a way that looks great to my eye in terms of shot shapes.  The bunkers and the greens are in great shape and it’s one of those courses that keeps getting better each hole you play!  It was a very exciting day, and I look forward to the members, who have waited for so long, being able to play.  I have no doubt they will be more than satisfied with the layout. 

Pictures will be along shortly.  I didn’t want to take any until the flags were in the greens….  Golf photos just don’t look right without a flag stick! 

How do you hit it far, if you don’t use muscle?

I’m glad I asked!  You use gravity and counter force.  Gravity falls at an accelerated rate of 32 feet per second, per second….  Your arms fall about 3 feet in a golf swing.  That’s serious acceleration!  Now add counter force and you can murder the ball.  As the body falls (gravity) into the forward leg it will also deflect backwards creating a counter force (We call it counterfall) to the weight of the arms.  When done correctly, the counterfall not only keeps a golfer in perfect equilibrium, it also begins effortless rotation which whip slings all your mass into and through the golf ball.  If it all matches, you’ll end up in perfect balance at the end of your swing, like Freddy Couples. 


The same thing can be seen in a field goal kicker.  Notice how they use counter balance when they lean way back before delivering their heavy leg rotationally through the football…  Then watch how they finish in fully rotational balance, standing straight up on their forward pivotal axis. 


Complying with physics is not only powerful, it is far more predictable!


Congratulations to Andy Burch on winning the Senior Club Championship! 

And while I’m at it, I think congratulations are overdo for a few more Champions in the recent past:

Tony Daniel, Cynthia Andereck, and Annika Bovender

ATHLETIC GOLF and more specifically, GRAVITY GOLF DRILLS are rockin the house!!!

Happiness is a Beagle in the Mountains

Dogs seem to be happy in general.  A Beagle has a whole other level of happiness when they get into the wilderness.  Calvin went bezerk in the Blueridge Mountains! And there’s no doubt that happiness is contagious!  Golf to my senses is like the woods for Calvin.  I need to make sure that I breathe it all in, and enjoy my time on the course.  Golf like a beagle:  nose to the ground, butt in the air and howl! (I have no idea….  it’s my blog!)  Now go PLAY golf. Stop THINKING golf swing!

Clarity is a Major

0 for 1 on our first attempt at waterfall viewing on the Blueridge Parkway

The body responds.  It responds to very clear and confident images, feeling, sensations and directions…. It also responds to foggy images, feelings, sensations and directions.  Truth is, and I don’t think this is a tough thing for any of us to comprehend, the body responds far more predictably and consistently to clear direction!

It’s so easy to step on a tee box and not feel confident about an upcoming shot.  It’s very easy to be unsure of how you may hit the shot…. Right, left, fat, thin, etc….

It’s easy, but it’s destructive! 

Do your best to be very clear on what you want to happen.  Be very clear on the swing you would like to make!  It’s no guarantee, but it certainly ups your odds!  Be decisive and clear.