George Connor is an exeptional teacher.  Two things stand out when I think about George and his teaching:

1.  He’s always learning!  He’s into everything and constantly expanding his knowledge.

2.  He cares. 

I’ve known George for 20+ yrs…. He was my first boss when we were both new in the business.  Ask him about “fan ball” at Keney Golf Course if you ever get the chance to meet him.  Don’t mention the stolen TV incident…..

Anyway, George is currently the Director of Instruction at Academy of Golf at Gillette Ridge in the Hartford, CT area.

Today I want to give you a link to his blog – George’s Blog 

Check out his blog and his website ( )and by all means, MAKE COMMENTS!  Us/We? (Coop, I need help on that one) teachers love questions, comments, debates, etc…. 

Carolina Colours: Pictures #17

Hole #17,525yd par 5 dogleg right  

This hole is so cool, I’m going to post a couple more pictures below so you can really get a feel for it.  It begins with an opportunity to just pound your driver.  There are a nest of bunkers you can see from the tee box which really run up the center of the hole.  It’s one of those tee shots where the carry over the bunkers should be tempting for most golfers (depending on skill level and the tee box you choose).  It’s about a 250 yard carry (up hill) from the tees I play.  I know I can carry with a solidly struck shot…. I also look out and see a fairway that appears to be 150 yards wide!!!!!  It’s a total green light tee shot. 

If you hit it perfect, just right of center, it’s a very reachable par 5.  There’s some nasty junk on the right so you may want to bail out and smash it to the left….  If you hit it dead perfect, and dead straight, there’s a chance you could bounce into a pot bunker about 270yds off the tee….

Now the fun begins:

Your second shot offers many options.  2 poplar trees stand about 70 yards short of the green, seemingly right in the damn middle of the fairway.  A lay up must be strategically hit to have an easy third shot.  You must hit it hard and left to get past the two trees, or lay up pretty far short to the right….  It really makes you think!  I love it. 

The other option after a good drive is to go for the green.  You might have to work it one way or the other depending on where the pin is, but it’s a fun shot into a massive green.

Here’s a view from behind the green.  You’re tee shot would land somewhere back behind where the flag is.  Can you tell from this picture how the poplar trees come into play?  It may be the best of a group of great holes on this back nine!


Happy Thanksgiving.  Hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did.  My wife and dog were in town which is just fantastic!  We hung out with our new friends in the Carolina Colours community, had a nice dinner and over all just enjoyed the day. 

OK, let’s talk about sandbaggers…..  I hear so many golfers talking about working their handicaps up just so they can compete in tournaments….  I just don’t get that.  I know that in many cases, the guys that are sandbagging(cheating) will walk away with the prizes, but why give away your integrity for a prize or some money?  Here’s a great quote I just read (Thanks for sending along the article, Leon)

“it amuses me that fellows who regularly rail against the welfare system should rely on what amounts to a handout system when they play golf.” -Robert Carney

Here’s the link so you can read the whole article.

Final Thought:  The handicap system was brilliantly brought about so that in golf, unlike almost any other sport, competitors of varying skill levels could compete against one another.  As soon as you begin to “work” your handicap, the entire system collapses.  YOU’RE CHEATING YOURSELF, aren’t you?  What kind of pride can you take in beating someone because you “gamed the system”…. ?  Don’t you see that you didn’t really beat them?

…. I shake my head

Carolina Colours: Picture #16

Hole #16, 135yd par 3

After finishing the beast of a hole number 15, you drive across a couple of small bridges through the creeks and forest and stumble into a fun par three.  The green is large and very wide.  It’s surrounded by a ravine in front and woods and creeks on all other sides….  For most golfers, the hazards will rarely come into play.  Hopefully your just taking out a short iron and trying to hit it as close as you can to the pin! 

Feeling At Ease

One of the best results of training in the  GRAVITY GOLF drills is that I have great confidence in my swing, even though I’ve been away from the practice tee for over 4 months.  Golf is difficult, so I may or may not play stellar golf when I tee it up, but I’m never worried about being totally lost on the course.  I think back to my pre-gravity days and how I would practice and play after even just a few days off….  It was a joke!  I always felt like I was starting over.  I’d search and hope on the range, and the golf course experience was more often than not a disaster!  

Now most golfers and instructors spend their entire golfing lives like I used to, so most have no idea of what’s possible.  It’s something that must be discovered on your own, through consistent and systematic training IN THE GRAVITY DRILLS!  
Master them, no matter how long it takes.  

More on Thumping


Most amateurs use their arms to move their arms and it often becomes extremely destructive to their short games.  How many golfers out there (even good players) struggle with impact on small shots?  The simple reason is HAND AND ARM MANIPULATIONS, rather than using GRAVITY and ROTATION!

The arms and club will fall every time due to gravity.  This statement simply says that it takes no effort to bring the club down into the golf ball, even on tight lies.  If you know the club will THUMP the ground on all swings, it becomes a matter of training your THUMP to come in the right spot (the best way to do this is with ROTATION around the forward pivotal axis). 


Here’s the best part.  THE FEEDBACK IS VERY CLEAR WHEN YOU TRAIN!  If you don’t bump/thump the ground on a chip or pitch, you KNOW that you used your arms too much!!!!  Every practice swing you make should nudge you closer to the EFFORTLESS swing you are looking for. 

Swing the arms, turn the body.  Let GRAVITY MEET ROTATION. 

Tight lies on dormant grass are coming soon!!! Get out there and work on this so you’ll be prepared. 

Carolina Colours: Picture- Hole #15

Hole #15  430yd par 4.  Dogleg right. 

This hole is basically encased by woods.  It’s a beast of a hole with no bunkers at all.  If you take an aggressive line to cut the dogleg, you can have a relatively easy second shot.  If you play it safe by hitting left of center, you’re most likely looking at 200+ yards for the second shot.  Because of the angle of the dogleg and the depth of the green (44yds) the hole will play different almost every time you play it.  I’ve hit 9 iron  to the center of the green one day, and I’ve failed to reach the green with a smoked 2 hybrid on a different occasion.  It’s a powerful hole.  Great design. 

An Inverse Challenge

The more a golfer needs to break up tension in their swing, the harder it is to feel and see good results early in the GRAVITY GOLF process. 

Better golfers can often feel an immediate change in impact, consistency and balance when they get into a GRAVITY DRILL.  This is fantastic, because it’s a great “hook” to get them continuing to do the drills that are so important for long term improvement. 

Beginners and higher handicap golfers usually have greater tension and bad perceptions in their technique and need the GRAVITY DRILLS even more than the better golfer (who has learned to survive on the course with their less than perfect technique), yet it is far more difficult to get them committed to the drills! 

David Lee (founder of GRAVITY GOLF ) has told me on several occasions to get my high handicapped golfers into more drills! “They need it more than anyone, Pete.”

He’s absolutely right!  Problem is, the drills simply magnify their errors early on and it’s a bit depressing, discouraging, and/or conflicting for them. 

It’s a great challenge for the teacher and the student.  I hope as a teacher, I can convince all golfers that the drills are THE WAY to create the most efficient golf swing, regardless of short term results. 


Carolina Colours: Picture Hole 14

Check out Leon’s comment on the Hierarchy of ESSENTIAL skills.  Made my day!  Thanks, Leon. 

Hole 14.  330yd par 4. 

It’s 260 to carry the water from the blue tees….  Even for a conservative golfer like myself, it will be tough to not pull out the driver some days!  This hole is not only beautiful, it’s a blast to play.  There are a ton of options off the tee, and if your first shot is in play, most likely you’ll have a good chance to make birdie.  The stretch of holes from 13-17 are as good as any I’ve played.

Hierarchy of Essential Skills, part II



A target will create A swing.  I content that the correct target will build a free flowing and very natural swing.  If your intention is to freely throw the club out to the real target (through the golf ball), we will naturally flow into fully rotated, relaxed balance onto our forward pivotal axis.  We will naturally hit a small draw due the circular motion of the throw. 


BALANCE, IMPACT, and BALL FLIGHT control can be a natural progression as you train towards the correct target (DO NOT STEER OR GUIDE TO THAT TARGET!). 


Here’s the hierarchy.  Without the correct TARGET, you can never create a natural and physics compliant swing.  Without fully rotated, relaxed BALANCE around the forward pivotal axis, the skill of IMPACT will always be conditional to coordination, compensation, and luck.  Without a high skill of IMPACT, BALL FLIGHT control is all but impossible. 


You see, TARGET and BALANCE are the platform from which IMPACT and BALL FLIGHT can build and improve


Most golfers focus on IMPACT and BALL FLIGHT while they train, almost guaranteeing that they change their TARGET in response…. A change in TARGET, by definition, changes the swing and therefore changes the balance position at the end of the swing.  So by focusing on “fixing” your last shot, you most likely destroy your chances of building a physics compliant swing!!!


Here’s what I strongly suggest.  On every swing, set up to the REAL TARGET and intend on swinging through the ball and out to that TARGET.  Really notice whether you freely swung out there, or if you felt yourself steering, guiding, or trying to strike at the ball….. This can teach you a ton if you are honest!


Next, as a result of the free swing out to the TARGET, really pay attention to your BALANCE at the end of the swing.  Were you fully turned?  Was all your weight on the forward leg?  Were you relaxed and balanced?  This is far more critical to the long term improvement of your game than the results of your shot based on IMPACT and BALL FLIGHT! 


The challenge is to not let the emotional drama of a bad shot get in the way of MASTERING the first two essentials!