Getting Back on Track

“Life gets in the way of golf” -Dave Pelz

Certainly, Hurricane Irene has really gotten in the way of golf up here in New Bern, NC.  Even though I’ve been at the course everyday, my golf clubs are decaying in the back of my mini-van….

You really take communication for granted these days…  blogs, emails, facebook, texting, cell phones….  

It was a bit annoying having all of those lines of communication taken away for a few days…  Sure I could use my cell phone, but I had to drive a mile off site to get any signal (what a pain!). *We are so spoiled today, I know

Anyway, looks like that area is getting back to normal.  Hoping to be able to blog about golf shortly!

We’ve got a couple more days of clearing away the damage from the hurricane just to be able to get the golf course open.  Another week to get the course back into shape….  We’ll be looking at busted up trees for quite some time to come. 

Very happy to say that we will open for LABOR DAY WEEKEND!  I’m excited because that is PATRIOTS GOLF DAY where clubs all over America raise money for the FOLDS OF HONOR FOUNDATION.  

Can’t wait to get life out of the way, so I can get back to GOLF! 

If You Are Reading This Post…

If you are reading this post, it means that the hurricane has made a mess of things.  It means I’ve no power or internet and couldn’t send out a blog ‘live’….

It also means that our GOLF MARATHON has been postponed.  Course is most likely too messy, and or too wet.  We’ll spend the day helping out the grounds crew, trying to get back up in running as quickly as we can. 

The GOLF MARATHON will be held on Monday, September 12th.  

Thanks to all that have already donated or pledged.  Great cause, should be a fun day!  I’ll keep you informed. 

Golf and Hurricanes

So I’ve got Hurricanes on my mind, rather than golf. 

I remember a time in Florida where I was able to use a hurricane for the benefit of many, many golfers (myself selfishly included). 

It was a year where several storms came through, causing flooding issues from Tampa up through Gainesville.  In preparation, cities and towns put up sand bags all over the place to protect vulnerable areas from floods….  

Weeks and weeks later, sand bags were still hanging out all around town, just deteriorating and being left behind….

Well it so happened that at the same time, I was in desperate need of Bunker Sand for our practice bunker at the driving range I was teaching at….

Yeah, every morning for about two weeks I would stop at different locations around town and load up my minivan with sand bags!  Made a huge mess of the van, but I was able to ‘mend’ our bunker and make it a viable place to practice for several more months!

Now that’s turning a lemon into LEMONADE!  And my golf game is better for it!

Bam!  Did it.   Be safe. 

Golfers Rock!

Thanks so much to everyone who has pledged for our GOLF MARATHON!  Golfers never cease to amaze me.  So generous, so giving.  Proud to be part of such a great group of people. 

Hoping that the hurricane passes quietly and quickly so I can get to GOLFING ALL DAY!!!

Anybody in for $20 chip ins?  Let me know. 

Quote of the day:

Don’t be too proud to take a lesson.  I’m not.
- Jack Nicklaus

Get the Arms out of the Arm Swing!

Using the arms to move the arms guarantees that you will make physical adjustments and compensations in a swing.  It guarantees that Newton’s 3rd law (for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction) will kick in and your swing path will be kicked off path to some extent…. 

Using the arms to move the arms into the backswing makes golf WAY more difficult than it need be. 

I would love for you to be OBSESSED with learning to use your core to move the arms into a SWING!  Heave the tension out of the arms so that they swing with sufficient force to sustain the swing and then GRAVITY and ROTATION can dominate the swing, creating PATH INTEGRITY! 

I’m not saying it’s easy to get the arms out of the arm swing, just that it is SO SO worth it if you learn to do it! 

Most of you know the drills that will teach you how to do it.  Are you training in them? 


On August 29th, my assistant (Cameron) and I will be playing golf all day long for children of fallen soldiers.  The FOLDS OF HONOR FOUNDATION is a charity started by a retired F-16 pilot and a PGA professional.  It provides scholarships to children of killed or disabled soldiers. 

Here’s where I ask for your help: 

I’m asking you to pledge some $$ for our GOLF MARATHON. 
If you are interested, here are some pledge suggestions:

** you can put a $max on any pledge you choose. 

***Shoot me an email or a comment with your pledge, and after the MARATHON, I’ll give you a summary of the day and how much you will be asked to donate. 

Pledge a $ amount for every hole that we play for the day  (I’m hoping for 150, but somewhere in the 120 range is probably more realistic….)  perhaps you would be willing to pledge 25 cents, or 50 cents per hole that we play? 
Pledge a $ amount for every birdie we make.    ex.  pledge $2 per birdie up to $50 max
Pledge a $ amount for every eagle we make. 
Pledge a $ amount for every individual hole we birdie.   This one seems pretty cool.  Maybe if we can manage to birdie EVERY HOLE on the course in one day, you throw in a bonus….  Ex.  $3 per hole birdied.  If we birdie 15 of the 18 holes, you’ll donate $45.  If we birdie all 18, your donation would be $54, but perhaps you’d give us $60 or $75 as a bonus for completing the task!  

Pledge a $ amount for every chip in!

Pledge a $ amount for every ‘Poley’. A poley is the first shot on a par 3 that finishes inside the length of the flagstick.  If you want us pin seeking all day, pledge for poleys on second shots on the par 4’s as well!
Pledge creatively.   Let me know if you have some other ideas for pledging!!!
Any amount you would be willing to pledge would be greatly appreciated.  I’ve had some golfers pledge through their business’s….  That’s fantastic!  

Thank you all in advance for all your support not only for the GOLF MARATHON, but in making my blog a success as well.  

Now GO PLAY GOLF!  Stop THINKING golf swing.   

Times Have Changed

What a great finish to the PGA this weekend!  When was the last time you saw someone come back after a late bogie or double?  Almost never happens.  That one mistake late in the round usually sounds the bell for any and all golfers…. 

Keegan Bradley made a TRIPLE bogie on the 15th hole, and came right back with back to back birdies, and continued his great play in the playoff. 

The commentators were rationalizing like crazy all weekend!!!  They are trying to figure out how to ‘generalize’ the champions of 2011. 

On Saturday and Sunday they kept talking about how the experience of the veteran golfers always help down the stretch.  That wasn’t panning out, so they began to discuss the fact that rookies didn’t have the ‘baggage’ of bad breaks in a major, and that was a benefit….  Experience?  Baggage?  Yeah, they were pulling stuff out of their butts. 

Probably one of the better explanations came from Nick Faldo during Sunday’s broadcast.  He talked about ‘the Tiger effect’ on the younger golfers….   These kids have grown up watching the way Tiger won in the 2000’s.  They’ve emulated his ‘swagger’, they’ve imitated his tremendous confidence and perhaps become mentally tougher than the previous generations because of it…. 

Think about it.  Physically, young golfers began to bomb it a few short years after Tiger burst onto the seen.  The focus of attention was on how far he hit the ball, and golf became obsessed with distance again.  It’s perhaps taken a bit longer for the mental toughness to seep into the young golfers of today, but I like the explanation! 

Time to respect all the players that play on the PGA tour (even the Nationwide for that matter!).   They are fantastic! 

p.s.  And not a bad idea to emulate your favorite tour player’s ‘swagger’ in order to help YOU play with more confidence! 

PGA is Wide Open

Professional golf seems to be taking on a whole new dynamic.  For years I’ve contended that the talent on the tour is ridiculously even.  On any given week, it seems that just about anyone can win, even a major.

The PGA Championship has a very young and ‘unproven’ (I say unproven, but they are all golf studs) leaderboard with a couple of more seasoned pros thown in the mix going into Sunday’s final round. 

Has removing the ‘Tiger factor’ opened up the flood gates? 


Major Strategy

Atlantic Athletic Club is a 7500, par 70 beast.  No doubt you need raw power to play well at a course like that…. 

Or, you need to play a game that keeps you in play and have a good short game. 

After round 1, the leaders rank 116, 187, 130, 122, 180 in driving distance on the tour.  Jerry Kelly talked about hitting a 3-metal on a 470 yard par 4, something he never considered doing before (because he’s 187th in driving distance!).  He made par on that hole. 

On the flip side, other than Shaun Micheel, the top 5 golfers all rank inside the top 25 in SCRAMBLING (short game). 

Power is awesome.  Power is fun.  When power goes straight, power usually wins….  Then there’s the rest of us. 

Forward and in play combined with a ONE CHIP and TWO PUTT will almost always win the day. 

We can learn a lot from the day one leaderboard at the PGA Championship.  Play shots you have a higher percentage of pulling off and you will more often shoot lower scores. 

“But that’s no fun”, you say?…  Tell that to Steve Stricker, Jerry Kelly, Shaun Micheel, and Scott Verplank.  Playing great golf IS fun.  Convince yourself of that, and BAM!!, You’re a better golfer.