Random Thoughts on the PGA Championship

Rory…. Wow.  

Carl Pettersson…. Very impressed after an unfortunate ruling…. Also seems like a great guy to hang with.  
On being local:   It was really fantastic to have such an incredible event right down the street.  Knowing the course well really made me feel apart of the event.  I remember one afternoon sitting out on the picnic tables at Snee Farm with a couple of members and realizing that the wind whipping against my face hit the players just a short time ago (how cool is that?)….   I could also stand outside and know how the wind effected the players on any give hole…. That’s pretty cool. 
The Ruling:  Hated to see Carl get penalized for moving that tiny little leaf in the hazard.  Don’t blame the rules officials for following the rules… just think that maybe, an adjustment has to be made.  Clearly, there was no mal intent in the swing.  Also makes me think of all the violations I potentially had in the past that never crossed my mind.  
*perhaps that’s the bigger issue for me.  As someone who really cares about the rules, it’s frustrating to know that I could violate this one so easily! Without even realizing it….  
***Remember, YOU CAN touch grass at address and while you swing in a hazard.  You cannot ground the club, you cannot move, bend, or break gunk that might improve your lie.  The fact that you CAN touch the grass and freely swing back makes the whole thing about little pieces of broken leaves or grasses ridiculous….  in my humble opinion.  Hope they re-word this one.  
************LOVED the fact that Carl P birdied the next 3 of the next 4 holes after he got the word about his 2 stroke penalty!
Gravity Golfers:  It was wonderful to see VJ back in action.  Sure, he played poorly over the weekend, but his swing still just oozes GRAVITY and we can ALL improve by understanding why even at 49 he is one of the best in the game.  Aaron ‘Bad’s’ played great for a while and his swing is quite possibly the best of all the young players in terms of PURE GRAVITY (now that he’s off of his ‘stack and tilt’ kick…).  Bill K used the term ‘glides’ when he described Louis Oosthuizen swing…. I think that’s great!  Louis combines ‘simple’ with gravity.  Really, really good move.  
Controversial Comment:   Rory does not have the MOST EFFICIENT swing in golf.  Listen, there’s a ton of GRAVITY in Rory’s swing.  I just noticed in the last few weeks that there is less than before.  He’s recently developed, or incorporated a ‘tug’ (I’ll call it) in the transition of his swing.  It was less prevalent on Sunday afternoon, but still there.  
***I’m not saying Rory was not the most fantastic golfer of the week!  I’m not saying he clearly hit the ball better than anyone during the PGA Championship.  I’m simply saying that I’ve seen his swing more efficient (GRAVITY), in the past.  
Finally…. Loved the buzz around town.  Great venue (lousy traffic issues), great town.  Something cool to be apart of.  
Now…… GO PLAY GOLF!  Stop THINKING golf swing.  

If Golf was a Feather…..

Most of us simply LOVE the game.  The goal should be to enjoy every moment.  Every shot!

Some of us play the game far more seriously.  It can be great to be competitive and focused….
It truly seems that some golfers play simply to get mad!  They blame the course, the clubs, the wind, etc…They yell.  They curse.  They BARK! It’s a waste of time, and it sucks the fun out of the game…..
The reality of the game is that it is difficult.  Sometimes downright scary.  Playing with fear is almost always a swing killer.  
 It happens to us all, and we need to work hard to PLAY TO PLAY GREAT!  *And trust me, when that wind blows that little feather around… it can be plenty scary!
…..Something to think about.  
Now go PLAY GOLF! Stop THINKING golf swing.  
*Special thanks to Calvin, for putting on a great show with that feather!  Also, thanks to my wife, J, for taking such great photos!