The Inspiration of a New Year!

*Above:  Calvin at Sullivan’s Island

Happy New Year!  What a wonderful opportunity!  Each New Year, we get the chance to reflect on the previous year and GET FIRED UP about the New Year!  I just love it. 

So let’s get fired up about golf in 2013! 

Why?  Because we can!!!!  We can set new goals.  We can dream our golf dreams.  We can write down our strategies and lay out our plans for success! 

How good do you want to get this year?  I’m not talking about winning net events, I’m talking about how many strokes off your handicap do you want to take?  What is your goal for low round?  I’m talking about what kind of scores do you want to shoot in competition (gross scores!)?

How are you going to get there?  More practice?  Better practice?  Golf Lessons?  Play more?

What other kinds of golf goals will get your juices flowing? 

·         A round free of double bogies and or ‘others’?

·         A bogie free round?

·         A certain number of pars or birdies in a round, or pars/birdies in a row? 

·         50% up and down from inside 30 yards?  (harder than you think!  But a great motivator!!!)

·         Etc., etc…..

Be creative.  Set a few goals and then begin to plan your year.  Practice better, study, do the gravity golf drills….  Put your mind and body into it, and I can guarantee you’ll be proud as you look back at 2013!

Whether you accomplish the goal or not is not as important as the attempt and intent put into it. 

Well, I’m pretty fired up about the New Year!  Want some help planning your strategies?  Want some help with your game?  Want to bounce off some ideas with me as to how to go about achieving your goals?   Please do not hesitate to email me at, or stop by Snee Farm or RiverTowne and discuss!  

Best wishes in 2013!  Many eagles, pars and birdies! 

Now go PLAY GOLF! Stop THINKING golf swing!!!