Golf and Hurricanes

So I’ve got Hurricanes on my mind, rather than golf. 

I remember a time in Florida where I was able to use a hurricane for the benefit of many, many golfers (myself selfishly included). 

It was a year where several storms came through, causing flooding issues from Tampa up through Gainesville.  In preparation, cities and towns put up sand bags all over the place to protect vulnerable areas from floods….  

Weeks and weeks later, sand bags were still hanging out all around town, just deteriorating and being left behind….

Well it so happened that at the same time, I was in desperate need of Bunker Sand for our practice bunker at the driving range I was teaching at….

Yeah, every morning for about two weeks I would stop at different locations around town and load up my minivan with sand bags!  Made a huge mess of the van, but I was able to ‘mend’ our bunker and make it a viable place to practice for several more months!

Now that’s turning a lemon into LEMONADE!  And my golf game is better for it!

Bam!  Did it.   Be safe. 

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