On August 29th, my assistant (Cameron) and I will be playing golf all day long for children of fallen soldiers.  The FOLDS OF HONOR FOUNDATION is a charity started by a retired F-16 pilot and a PGA professional.  It provides scholarships to children of killed or disabled soldiers. 

Here’s where I ask for your help: 

I’m asking you to pledge some $$ for our GOLF MARATHON. 
If you are interested, here are some pledge suggestions:

** you can put a $max on any pledge you choose. 

***Shoot me an email or a comment with your pledge, and after the MARATHON, I’ll give you a summary of the day and how much you will be asked to donate. 

Pledge a $ amount for every hole that we play for the day  (I’m hoping for 150, but somewhere in the 120 range is probably more realistic….)  perhaps you would be willing to pledge 25 cents, or 50 cents per hole that we play? 
Pledge a $ amount for every birdie we make.    ex.  pledge $2 per birdie up to $50 max
Pledge a $ amount for every eagle we make. 
Pledge a $ amount for every individual hole we birdie.   This one seems pretty cool.  Maybe if we can manage to birdie EVERY HOLE on the course in one day, you throw in a bonus….  Ex.  $3 per hole birdied.  If we birdie 15 of the 18 holes, you’ll donate $45.  If we birdie all 18, your donation would be $54, but perhaps you’d give us $60 or $75 as a bonus for completing the task!  

Pledge a $ amount for every chip in!

Pledge a $ amount for every ‘Poley’. A poley is the first shot on a par 3 that finishes inside the length of the flagstick.  If you want us pin seeking all day, pledge for poleys on second shots on the par 4’s as well!
Pledge creatively.   Let me know if you have some other ideas for pledging!!!
Any amount you would be willing to pledge would be greatly appreciated.  I’ve had some golfers pledge through their business’s….  That’s fantastic!  

Thank you all in advance for all your support not only for the GOLF MARATHON, but in making my blog a success as well.  

Now GO PLAY GOLF!  Stop THINKING golf swing.   

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