Times Have Changed

What a great finish to the PGA this weekend!  When was the last time you saw someone come back after a late bogie or double?  Almost never happens.  That one mistake late in the round usually sounds the bell for any and all golfers…. 

Keegan Bradley made a TRIPLE bogie on the 15th hole, and came right back with back to back birdies, and continued his great play in the playoff. 

The commentators were rationalizing like crazy all weekend!!!  They are trying to figure out how to ‘generalize’ the champions of 2011. 

On Saturday and Sunday they kept talking about how the experience of the veteran golfers always help down the stretch.  That wasn’t panning out, so they began to discuss the fact that rookies didn’t have the ‘baggage’ of bad breaks in a major, and that was a benefit….  Experience?  Baggage?  Yeah, they were pulling stuff out of their butts. 

Probably one of the better explanations came from Nick Faldo during Sunday’s broadcast.  He talked about ‘the Tiger effect’ on the younger golfers….   These kids have grown up watching the way Tiger won in the 2000’s.  They’ve emulated his ‘swagger’, they’ve imitated his tremendous confidence and perhaps become mentally tougher than the previous generations because of it…. 

Think about it.  Physically, young golfers began to bomb it a few short years after Tiger burst onto the seen.  The focus of attention was on how far he hit the ball, and golf became obsessed with distance again.  It’s perhaps taken a bit longer for the mental toughness to seep into the young golfers of today, but I like the explanation! 

Time to respect all the players that play on the PGA tour (even the Nationwide for that matter!).   They are fantastic! 

p.s.  And not a bad idea to emulate your favorite tour player’s ‘swagger’ in order to help YOU play with more confidence! 

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