If Golf was a Feather…..

Most of us simply LOVE the game.  The goal should be to enjoy every moment.  Every shot!

Some of us play the game far more seriously.  It can be great to be competitive and focused….
It truly seems that some golfers play simply to get mad!  They blame the course, the clubs, the wind, etc…They yell.  They curse.  They BARK! It’s a waste of time, and it sucks the fun out of the game…..
The reality of the game is that it is difficult.  Sometimes downright scary.  Playing with fear is almost always a swing killer.  
 It happens to us all, and we need to work hard to PLAY TO PLAY GREAT!  *And trust me, when that wind blows that little feather around… it can be plenty scary!
…..Something to think about.  
Now go PLAY GOLF! Stop THINKING golf swing.  
*Special thanks to Calvin, for putting on a great show with that feather!  Also, thanks to my wife, J, for taking such great photos!

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