Spot Check!

Consider me wandering up and down the driving range with a clip board in my hand….   For those who aren’t on the range (and you should be!), consider that I’m driving around in my cart with my beagle and clip board watching you…. 

Is your FULLY ROTATED RELAXED BALANCED FINISH better than the last time I saw you? 

Everyone of you know that I consider it an ESSENTIAL skill to maintain and expand.  Everyone of you knows that it is a critical aspect of consistency and PATH INTEGRITY!!!!

You are well aware that less than full rotation guarantees that you must use muscles to steer and guide the club through the ball (chaotic).  You know that if you are tense in the back, shoulders or arms at the end of your swing, it’s an indication that you used muscle in your swing which ALWAYS bumps the club off path and demands compensations to try to get back on track…. 

Alas, you also are very aware that if you don’t finish solidly on your forward pivotal axis, it’s almost impossible to be predictable with your club path…. 

So since I can’t be watching all of you right now to nudge you in the right direction if needed. Consider this a spot check!  To those building and improving your balance, well done.  For those who have let it slide a bit- GET BACK TO IT!  I know you can, and I KNOW IT WILL improve your game long term! 

No excuse for any golfer who wants more consistency. 

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