Positive Addiction

Thanks for your comments on what drives you to play golf.  Please keep them coming! 

I began this morning looking up the definition of ‘addiction’.  It has a very 1-sided meaning….  Bad.  The meaning specifically details negative influences of being drawn to something that is harmful.


So, being the positive kind of guy I am, I goggled ‘POSITIVE ADDICTION’.  And there you have it!  It’s a psychological term created in 1976 and I am quite convinced golf can fall into the category of a ‘POSITIVE ADDICTION’

Positive addiction (PA) fulfills the seven following criteria:

  1. it is something noncompetitive that you choose to do and you can devote approximately forty-five minutes to an hour a day to;
  2. it is possible for you to do it easily, in the sense of organizing to do it, and it doesn’t take a great deal of mental effort to do it;
  3. you can do it alone (more rarely with others) – but independently of others – not depending on their presence or encouragement to continue;
  4. you believe it has some value (physical, mental, or spiritual) for you;
  5. you believe that if you persist at it you will improve but this is completely subjective – you need to be the only one who measures that improvement;
  6. the activity must be one you can perform without negatively criticizing yourself;
  7. it must be undertaken several times a week until you reach “the PA state”.

Not all golfers (very few actually) can be considered to have a ‘PA’ to golf.   Those who look at the above and say ‘yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, workin on it ,yep’…. I welcome you into the ‘GOLF NUT CLUB’. 

Final Thought:  2 golfers that commented to me about the drive to keep playing pointed out the ‘PA’ to shooting consistently good rounds.  It’s extremely difficult to do, but I agree that it drives me to keep playing!  I absolutely love the mental exercise before rounds, during rounds and in between rounds. I believe I can play to play great.  I strive to play great and fearless!  I aspire to play fearlessly and with full confidence.  Most amazingly, I have yet to play completely fearless golf over 18 holes…  But I’ll keep going for it!!    What makes you love this game? 

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