Play to Learn

How much time do you spend on the range or on the course ‘PLAYING TO LEARN’? 

I believe it is very important to PLAY both on the range and on the course.  By play, I mean goofing around, to some degree.  I mean going out on the range and spending 1/2 hr to an 1hr just trying to hit extreme shots…  big hooks, big slices, low shots and high shots…..  Or getting in a bunker and hitting 50-100 shots trying different techniques, or different shots….  I mean going on the course and hitting several shots from the pine straw, or off bare lies to figure out how to best hit the shot. 

Curiosity is a powerful force in learning.  Be like a kid, PLAYFUL and curious while you train. 


****Have trouble with a slice?  Go GOOF around on the range hitting hundreds of BIG OLE HOOKS.   Struggle off bare lies?  Go to the range and hits tons of shots out of divots!  Figure out how to hit down and through the ball.  Struggle with balance?  Make a game out of FINISHING IN BALANCE!!!!  How many times in a row can you finish in balance? 

PLAY to learn.

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