“I Don’t Understand….”

Words that I refuse to acknowledge as a golfer.  This game is so difficult, and there is SO much information out there that if a golfer has any doubt, they are cooked. 

The ball flight is lawful.  The golf swing is governed by the Laws of Physics.  The human mind, probably the greatest variable, has to a large degree, fairly predictable responses when left in the ‘unconscious’ mode…..

A golfer that understands a ‘PHYSICS COMPLIANT SWING’

A golfer that understands their own tendencies with their swing

A golfer that has a clear and certain MENTAL PRE SHOT ROUTINE and

A golfer that TRAINS consistently and systematically with high quality drills……. 

SHOULD always understand the inherent ups and downs of golf.

This golfer may not always hit great shots.  They may not always score great…. But they will outplay most (with or perhaps without their handicap strokes), improve over time, and have the peace of mind in UNDERSTANDING all the frustrating things that occur in this fascinating game! 

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