Persistence and Belief

Sean O’Hair won the Canadian Open yesterday on a brutally tough golf course.  He had missed 9 cuts in his last 12 events.  I’m sure he has been frustrated, but I also know that he has a strong belief in his game, and the persistence to KEEP TRAINING, and training hard!  Golf can be a relentlessly difficult game on the ego. 

Looking for quick fixes is not the answer.  Complaining and worrying are not the answers….

Be very clear on your objective (to move the ball solidly towards the target, in balance….), believe in your game, your method and yourself, and persist in your training. 

Even the best players in the world have ups and downs in this game.  Have a positive attitude, enjoy your time on the course, and your game WILL turn around. 

**If you swing concept gets cloudy, muddy, or cluttered, work with a coach to get back on a clear track!  Doubt in swing will almost always destroy consistency. 

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