Out of Thin Air

You don’t grab touch or consistency out of thin air….   It takes consistent and systematic training.  A few putts before a round just won’t cut it.  A few mindless chip shots will not do much for your game. 

Sure you might have the odd day of great touch, but it’s not something that can be counted on.  Conversely, the golfer that puts in quality time on and around the green will have the odd day where their feel is off on the course….  I’m going with the second option!  I always want to train so that my less than perfect shots are still good enough to give me a chance. 

I understand that without practice, impact and distance skills deteriorate fast, even with proper technique….. 

Consistent and systematic training is the key.  You don’t have to spend hours upon hours practicing (although with proper training, you’ll get better faster if you did…), you just need 20-40 minutes 2-4 times a week training with high quality drills. 

Build your skills and guess what happens?   BAM!  Better golf. 

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