Flexible Hips?

 Here’s an interesting question- “Pete, I am interested in your comments regarding hip flexibility. Lack of flexibility (or tension) of the left hip inhibits the turn (heave) on the backswing (and subsequent tendency to lift the arms), while lack of flexibility (or tension) of the right hip inhibits or limits turning on the front axis and finishing in balance. ” -Joe

Joe, you are right on.*

Here’s a real simple answer:  Practice with HIGH QUALITY swings.   Over the years, I’ve found that if a person is relaxed, they can rotate enough. 

So one key is to train well.  Really work on GETTING THE TENSION out of your body early in the backswing, so the core can turn.  (Just watch most golfers take their practice swings, no tension, decent turn….).  As you consciously get the tension out early in the backswing, notice how you can turn LEVEL with more ease.  If you are really tight, you may not be able to ‘HEAVE’ quite as much as you would like, or the arms will rise up or out of position.  Your ‘HEAVE’ must match your ability to turn….

In terms of forward hip flexibility, I am convinced that training a FULLY ROTATED RELAXED BALANCED finish is by far the best way to stretch.  You’ve got to work at it though.  You’ve got to make a FULLY ROTATED finish more important than the results of the shot.  You’ve got to get your balance, relax, then stretch some more.  Everyone of my students knows exactly what I’m talking about.  STRETCH!!!!   

Can you speed up the process? Can you improve upon the process?  Yes.  Yoga or specific stretching exercises will most definitely improve your swing. 

Most important in my opinion is ‘SPORT SPECIFIC’ stretching.   High quality training. 

Hold that finish.  Stretch.  BAM! You’re better. 

*Joe, I also just wanted to congratulate you guys on continuing to do THE DRIVER DRILL, especially in this heat!  You guys rock!!! 

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