Course Management ‘Spin’

You guys (almost said y’all…  The South is running thicker every day in my blood and I love it!) know that I’m a big advocate of playing ‘smart golf’.  I love Dr. Bob’s philosophy of making cocky swings with a conservative strategy. 

… It doesn’t always work out.  I’ve screwed up plenty of lay ups and safety shots. 

I made a decision many years ago that I would never make the mistake of berating myself after screwing up a conservative play.  Here’s what I mean:

I take a 4 iron off the tee instead of Driver on a short par 4.  I proceed to block slice the 4 iron into a fairway bunker.  When I was a mentally weak player, I would say stuff like, “What an idiot, I knew I should have just gone for it!” or, “I can even hit an easy shot today”. 

Yes, I still get a bit angry or disappointed after the shot, but I’ve learned to recognize that had I hit driver, that bad swing would have put me in far worse position!!! 

I know the odds are with me in the long run.  You’ve got to spin things to keep your confidence high. 

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