Are you prepared to throw, or are you prepared to lift and strike?  It’s an important concept that can make a huge difference in your game.

Are you prepared to swing, or are you preparing to control?  Again, your answer has powerful implications for your game. 

If I see someone gripping the club tight with their right hand (for left handed golfers), I know that their perception is not optimal.  If the right palm is clutching the grip or if the golfer GRABS the club, he/she has a ‘kill’ concept that destroys a swing. 

Remember, the TARGET is ‘out there’ and the objective is to move THROUGH a golf ball, never to strike AT IT.   This is critically important to the consistency of your game!!!

*the grip should be in the fingers, like when throwing a baseball.  If your TARGET is truly ‘out there’, and your INTENTION is to ‘THROW’ the ball out there, you will more naturally give up the tension in the hands and wrists. 

I also see people preparing to control the club.  This flies in the face of a ‘swing’.  It also destroys the forces that best allow the club to stay on path (GRAVITY AND ROTATION).  Many golfers are rigid at address, too perfect with their positions…  They are not set up to SWING! 

It’s a real killer in the short shots.  Look around you.  How many of your fellow golfers are really good short game players?  Hardly any!  The few that are will be more relaxed, and will tend to swing the club rather than control it!  (*that’s a clue)

It make sense to control shots, especially short shots… It just doesn’t work. 

CONCLUSION:  Prepare to throw.  Prepare to swing.  You must give up control to create consistency in your game. 

*Golf is difficult, so even with great intentions, we’ll all screw up a ton of shots.  It is not a reason to go back to gripping tight or controlling the swing!!!!   We KNOW that won’t work. 

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