PGA Tour: Many Success

Here’s a great comment about the final round at the John Deere Classic-

“I knew watching yesterday that the finish was post worthy. I thought you would take the approach that sometimes your best isn’t good enough. Or, over the course of 72, there are always times when you could do better. I felt bad for my fellow (Clemson)Tiger k Stanley, but Stricker played an exceptional final two holes to beat him. When you lose to someone hitting shots and scoring like that, I guess you just tell yourself, today wasn’t my day, keep practicing and my day is coming.”-Rob

In a sport so deep in talent, I would absolutely agree that great play is sometimes not good enough. 

Thanks for the comment….  And while I’m on the subject-  I want more comments!  Ask questions! Tell me your success’s and your frustrations!!!  If you want to keep it low key, shoot me an email, and I’ll write about it without using your name.  The more you interact, the more I can keep my blog on target for you. 

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