It’s Too Bad….

It’s too bad that any golfer would rather raise their handicaps in order to be competitive rather than work on their game…  It leaves a bad taste in my mouth that we have come to that. 

For the last decade, I’ve heard talk about getting the handicap up as a benefit more and more….  It is completely incomprehensible to me. 

I know we live in a ‘quick fix’ world, where people want a better swing NOW.  But most certainly we’ve taken it too far.  Now we don’t even need a better swing, we can just post a few high rounds and then we’re competitive again. 

Worst thing is that it hurts the few who really do work at improving.  The few who see the value in training. 

Those few may not win as many ‘bet’s/games’ as they should anymore, but I guess they can keep their pride. 

To all those who still want to lower their handicaps AND be competitive, you have my respect!  Keep at it! 

*Final thought:  By definition, golfers that read my blog are striving for improvement.  You KNOW it takes work.  Any time you may get one of those sarcastic thoughts (most always a bit of truth in sarcasm…) about getting your handicap UP, I hope you squash it and run to the DRIVING RANGE!  Best,

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