Get Er Done Before You Reach The Ball

Woody’s comment was so worthwhile, I’ll discuss one part in this blog in case you don’t look at the comment section on the blog: 

Lanny Wadkins stated that once he got to his ball, he had everything worked out with the input of the final element…distance.

I think Lanny was on to something very important.  Even riding in a cart, golfers have plenty of time to get a solid grip on the upcoming shot.   In most cases,you’ll know the hole you are playing.  You can most often see where the pin location is, you can feel the wind, and you probably have some idea as to the lie your ball is in.  Because you most likely know the hole, you know where the trouble is as well, you know what tendencies you have and therefore, should have a solid game plan in play.  Once you get the distance, it’s simply a matter of choosing a club.  

Now SEE IT. FEEL IT.  TRUST IT.  Done.  

***And as soon as you’ve pick your club, hopefully, the guy in the cart with you has taken off towards his ball, rather than sitting in the cart waiting!!!!  Or at least he’s gotten out, grab 2-3 clubs and has begun his walk out of your way and to his ball….


Pay attention next time your talking to a fast golfer while riding in your cart…. Chances are they are in conversation, but their eyes are also looking out towards the hole considering the elements of their next shot. 

Thanks for the comment, Woody!

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