Be Who You Are….. AND Turn!

This blog should be 2 things….

1.  Short
2.  Inspirational!
At every club, in every area, on every tour…. we all know about golfers who have a ‘funky’ swing and yet still beat the ‘stuffin’s’ out of everyone day in and day out.  Most are great athletes.  All are great competitors….  No doubt about this.  
If we dig a little further, in almost every case…..   These golfers are GRAVITY GOLFERS. (Hurray!)
They play golf.  They let their arms fly wherever…. They let their legs move as they move…. They usually make excuses for their strange technique…. And yet, they play GREAT GOLF!
Simply put:  In almost every case, they have learned to use their CORE TURN to produce power and consistency.  The arms and legs flail around according to ‘who they are’, but their core dominance takes over and produces path integrity!
You see, if the core is dominant, and is simply turning back fully, then getting to the FORWARD PIVOTAL AXIS, and TURNING AGAIN into a (say it with me…) FULLY ROTATED RELAXED BALANCED FINISH, the arms can just flail away and yet be controlled with CENTRIFUGAL FORCE and GRAVITY.  
So why is this inspirational?   Because very few of us can make a golf swing that looks like Ernie Els…..  No reason to be depressed!!!  
Almost all of us can turn fully (if you get the tension out of the core!!!!) and that means that we can all improve our ability to maintain PATH INTEGRITY!!!
Almost all of us can improve our ball striking ability if we let the core dominate!  No matter how ‘weird’ our bodies look while swinging….  Now that is great news!  Now that is INSPIRATIONAL!
****Since I already failed at the ‘short’ part of this blog, I’ll give you some illustrations and examples of the great greats in golf that had funky swings and why that may be the VERY REASON why they played great golf!  
WooWhooooo!!!!!   Love it.  
*Thanks to Joe Losek for giving me the idea for this blog

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