Disturbing Trend….

Reading a book called:  The Return of the 4 Hour Round.  My friends down at Snee Farm are very fortunate that golf is still played in about 4 hours, because that is not true in many places anymore, and almost non existent in tournament play(even at ‘The Farm’….&nbsp

The author cited reports that over the last 4 decades, tournament golf has gone from just under 3 hours, to well over 5 hours, and sometimes 6 hours!!!!

*Would not have believed the 6 hour round if I had not witnessed it here at Carolina Colours Golf Club during an ETour event

Makes me shiver….   Golf can always be played in 4 hours or less, and it’s the responsibility of the golfers who are playing slow to make it happen (not the marshals!)

…. Maybe the disturbing trend is just how selfish slow golfers are.  They so often feel entitled to play at whatever damn pace they choose. 

Final note:  Polite golfers often take too much time in a new group.  Need help looking for your ball?  Who’s away? Who has honors? Should I mark that putt? etc…. It’s understandable, because golf is such a game of integrity and good sportsmanship.  Someone must speak out, however,  and make READY GOLF the priority!  Talk about etiquette and you’ll find almost everyone would rather play fast than with perfect etiquette. 

The slogan I’m trying to instill in my club members:   PLAY FAST, HAVE FUN. 

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