Technique Matters

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A little more discussion on bunker play.  Soft sand is easier on the brain for high handicap golfers.  Taking too much sand is no good, but it isn’t as demoralizing as bouncing off hard sand into the golf ball and watching said ball get drilled 80 yards over the green…. 

Let’s discuss FIRM SAND TECHNIQUE.  

Remember that improving SKILL is critical to improving your game.  Recognize that complying with the laws of physics is the best way to improve one’s efficiency. 

OK, the SKILL to improve on firm sand is the SKILL OF IMPACT.  It’s the SKILL of ALLOWING the club to fall into the sand a little bit behind the ball (1-3 inches approx.).   To make this more efficient, it’s important to ROTATE the club forward with PIVOT, rather than with hands and arms.  The hands and arms are not very good at moving the club LEVEL.  Without PIVOTAL ROTATION, the club will too easily BOUNCE back up into the golf ball…. 

THUMP AND TURN.  You just have to be more PRECISE out of firm sand…. 

TIP:  NO WEIGHT SHIFT NECESSARY!  KEEP YOUR WEIGHT INTO THE FORWARD PIVOTAL AXIS THROUGHOUT THE SWING.  Simply SWING the arms back, then TURN the arms and club through the shot.  Any weight shift makes it very difficult to get into a consistent PIVOTAL AXIS. 

….We’ll go one step further in the next blog:  TO DIG, OR TO DENT? 

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