Build a Bank Account of Good Swings

Good shots build confidence and free up a swing….  bad shots can often destroy confidence and lead to steering, guiding, trying, indecision, etc…  

I know most golfers would shoot lower scores, have more fun and build better golf swings if they played within themselves….  

Hit clubs and shots you are most likely to have successful outcomes with early in the round.  It might mean laying up or playing away from the pin, but if the shots come off more successfully, I am confident that you will play better golf in the long run. 

Golfers that constantly go for broke, that try to make up shots with miracle shots, that say golf is only fun if you go for it….   well, they don’t play good golf (there are a tiny few exceptions, and they can have at it) and they most certainly are not consistent. 

Bottom line.  Hit more shots that you have a higher percentage of pulling off.  Throughout 18 holes, and most certainly throughout a season, you golf swing will improve, your scores will be better (and more consistent), and that I have no doubt will translate into more enjoyment on the course. 

*Lay up with a 5 iron on a par 5 instead of trying to hit a perfect 3 wood to the green
*hit a hybrid or iron off a short par 4 instead of driver….

Why?  Simple, cause you can!  It’s an opportunity to build confidence with a club or shot you are more likely to pull off! 

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