“Take a Little Off the Shot”

Less than full swings should be easier than full swings…. right?  They can be if you understand the ‘recipe’ for successful ‘less than full’ swings. 

HEAVE and PIVOT are the key to less than full swings.  Understand and train these concepts and your wedges and those ‘in between’ shots will really become alot easier!

The most efficient way to keep the club moving ‘on plane’, or with path integrity is with GRAVITY and ROTATION.  On all swings, the body rotates around the forward pivotal axis (left leg for right handed golfers).  that internal rotation will sling the arms and club through the ball.

So one key is to make sure you are allowing the body to rotate into the finish of the swing…..

Once we KNOW that  we will move the arms and club with our forward rotation for all swings,  less than full swings simply become a matter of HEAVE DURATION. 

“The HEAVE is a powerful move from the core that throws the tension out of the arms with sufficient force to sustain the swing.” 

Basically, the HEAVE is the body’s way of creating a SWING!  Once the force is created, the arms and club simply SWING!  GRAVITY and ROTATION take care of the rest. 

On less than full swings, it’s critical to still use your core to toss your arms into a swing.  In the most simple terms:  Toss your arms back with a little less force, or use a slightly smaller HEAVE.  The body and arms will run out of momentum sooner, creating a less powerful swing.

KEYS:  use your core, even on smaller swings (biggest mistake golfers make is using arms to hit smaller shots)
             SLING the arms with your followthru!  There should be acceleration through the ball on these swings…  no steering or guiding!

If you struggle, you KNOW that you are using your arms too much.  Keep working the GRAVITY DRILLS and allow GRAVITY to meet rotation.  It’s an awesome thing when you can confidently hit those ‘in between’ shots! 

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