Driver Drill Rocks

J and I have began doing the THE DRIVER DRILL again last week.  It’s been probably about 9 months since I’ve done it.  What’s fascinating to me is that although I hit the ball pretty well for the most part these days, when I get back to the DRIVER DRILL, my impact jumps up another whole level.  It’s remarkable. 

You would think that a solid shot is a solid shot, no matter what, right?  Wrong.  When you make solid contact with perfect physic’s compliant technique, the feeling is something special. 

Equally important is how the drill simplifies the swing for me.  This drill ROCKS!

If you haven’t been doing THE DRIVER DRILL, well get back to it, cause it will do wonders for your game!  If you’ve never done THE DRIVER DRILL, well….  I highly recommend that you learn it and begin training with it as soon as you can!

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