The Pull of a Bad Perception

I see it almost daily on the practice green.  Golfers train towards the exact wrong power supply…. The perception of chipping/pitching is often to keep the body still and simply move the arms through the ball and chase the flight line. 

Even golfers that have studied the correct technique tend to fall back into the pattern of less turn, and more arms over time….  That’s the pull of a bad perception. 

Making the GRAVITY DRILLS part of a life long routine can often COMPLETELY CHANGE one’s perceptions, so you never go back to those bad ones…. 

More importantly for now, just know that if you begin to chip/pitch poorly, most likely you need to SHIFT YOUR WEIGHT INTO YOUR FORWARD PIVOTAL AXIS, DO LESS WITH YOUR ARMS (AFTER YOU HEAVE THEM INTO A SWING) AND MORE WITH YOUR TURN*!  Yes, even on small chip shots, TURN TURN TURN!!!  This rotation is a major key to a more efficient swing. 

I’ve NEVER told a golfer that they turn too much.  Never seen it, yet. 

*I’m specifically speaking of the forward turn that will sling the arms and club on a predictable path through the ball.  No steering, guiding, chasing needed. 

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