Why Putt On The Arc?

Right up front I want to make it clear that I am extremely aware that today’s blog is limited in its scope.  The purpose of the blog is to express a few thoughts on ‘GRAVITY PUTTING’, not a full blown discussion.   

Straight back, straight through putting make sense.  It also looks neat, clean and simple.  The putting stroke is a simple enough motion that many people have had success putting straight back and straight through.  
Problem is, it takes more muscular involvement.  It must be created and controlled by the body and mind every time! The body is not designed to move a club straight back and straight through, just as the body is not designed to move the putter on a vertical pendulum….  That means that it might look good, it might even produce good results if you can do it (and very few can), but it is truly more difficult!!!
I putt on the arc because it complies with the laws of physics.  I putt on the arc so I can use gravity and centrifugal force to keep my putter on path.  I believe in the GRAVITY PUTT because the less muscular movements involved, the more predictable one can be.  As we age, that becomes enormously important.  How many golfers do you know that maintain their putting ability as they age?  Not many!  Almost all deteriorate as they lose their hand/eye coordination… Worse, a large percentage of them get the yips due to mis firings of the small muscles….
I absolutely think that people should putt on the arc, like David Toms.  
I also know that some things are very difficult to change, even if a better method is clearly available.  Getting people to putt on the arc, with pivotal rotation may prove to be more difficult than getting Americans trained in the metric system… 
In my next blog, I’ll discuss the major elements of the GRAVITY PUTTING STROKE.   

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