Gravity Putting

An avid student, let’s call him ‘Joe’ sent along this comment about David Tom’s putting:

We all know that David Toms is playing fantastic golf. I believe you would agree that he has a gravity golf swing, but among the touring professionals his putting has to be the closest to gravity putting. What do you think?
Putting is not a common topic on your blog. Now is your chance.

I just spent the last 10 minutes looking at video of David’s putting stroke.  He is most definitely putting ‘on the arc’, an important piece of the gravity stroke.  Even on short putts, it’s very clear that his putter head swings on an arc, and the ball takes off  tangentially. 

I would say that David Toms and Y.E. Yang, another golfer you and I have talked about, have the most easy to see GRAVITY PUTTING STROKES in the game right now. 

While watching today, pay close attention to 2 things… 
1.  David will rotate his body on the followthru of his putts.   He ‘releases’ or more specifically moves the arms and the club with the pivotal rotation of the left axis.  It will often give the look like he is ‘coming out’ of his putts, something someone will inevitably say when he misses a putt.  (even though he is consistently one of the best putters on tour with that same move…)

2.  Watch how the putter clearly works on an arc.  NO LINEAR motion in the stroke, which put together simply complies with the laws of physics compared with straight putting. 

I’ll spend more time in the next blog or two talking about why a GRAVITY PUTTING stroke is so AWESOME, what goes into a GRAVITY PUTTING STROKE, and how to begin training it…. 

Thanks Joe!

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