Too Good not to Post

I’ve been thinking about blogging a lot lately… Haven’t been hugely successful, but I’m excited that my mind is going in that direction…..

Having said that, it’s been a few days since I’ve been to my site, and it’s too bad, because that means this post is a few days later than I wish!  The sooner most of us can learn this lesson, the better (or for many of us, it’s not learning, it’s just finally listening!!!)
Anyway, here’s a quick story told by Tony Daniel (thank you for sending it along, by the way!), Beth Daniel’s, (yes, THE Beth Daniel) brother*: 
I was caddying for Beth in an LPGA event and she hooked her ball into the woods. I got to the ball before she did and studied the situation. She had a small opening through some trees and if she hit it just right and a tree is really 90% air she might be able to hit the green. When she arrived she said give me the 6 iron. I thought, well that is too much club. Before I could say anything she chipped the ball to the middle of the fairway. She then hit a 9 iron about a foot away tapped in for par and we went to the next hole. On the way I said there was a small opening through the trees why did you not try that. She said the key was to avoid the big number. Take your medicine and go on. In this case there was no medicine as she still made par. Big brother learned a good lesson. I just have to remember it. Glad you are back with the blogs.

If you said to yourself, “who is Beth Daniel?” please click on the link and take a look.  And don’t tell me you didn’t know!  Every golfer reading my blog should know about one of the true greats in the sport!  Especially a Charleston native….  
Now go Play Golf! Stop thinking golf swing!

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