A Discussion for Serious Golfers

If you don’t play in the rain, you can skip this read.  For those who play tournament golf to any degree, or love golf enough to simply put a hat and a rain jacket on…. I’ve got some advice for you.  (I seriously hope that no one that reads this blog would let a little rain stop them from playing golf, or get them to quit mid round…. )

WEAR RAIN GLOVES.  One of the great advancements in golf, in my opinion.  Most golfers remember the frustration of trying to keep their grips dry while playing in the rain…. With today’s rain gloves, you don’t have a worry in the world!  The club simply will not slip. You don’t have to hassle with extra towels, etc…  
You are losing shots to the field and needlessly frustrating yourself if you don’t have them.  It’s that simple.  
I’ll finish by saying this: If you think you can’t wear 2 gloves, or 1 glove because it changes your feel….  That’s a lame excuse!  It’s holding on to an archaic and false belief about feel.  (We can have that discussion later).  

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