Focus on Positive

In golf, and in life, you get more of what you focus on….

Moan and complain about wind, rain, tight fairways, firm bunkers, soft bunkers, slow greens, fast greens…. and all you do is convince yourself that you are right. 

Either stay home, or focus on the positives.  Focus on the challenge of the day.  Decide to enjoy the adverse conditions, or at least toughen up and put in your best effort on every shot!

Most of us would rather be on the golf course…. right?  Well, if that’s true, focus on playing to play great!  You’ll have more fun and you’ll probably play better (and you’ll have more fun even if you don’t)!

The hardest part may be that you have nothing to talk about with the 3 other guys/gals in your group who are complaining about something! 

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