The Divot Question

Tom Watson is ridiculously talented when it comes to hitting a golf ball.  Joe is absolutely right about him not taking a divot while practicing in the you tube video I sent out a few days ago (click here to watch again)

The question is:  Is that optimal? 

My answer would be emphatically NO, but…… 

Let me explain a little.  Centrifugal force, centripetal force, gravity, as well as action/reaction of impact all heavily suggest that the club and arms should be slightly longer at and past impact that at address.  The result of those forces is a divot. 

Now, the more perfectly balanced a swing is in terms of force and counterforce, the more level and consistent that divot tends to be. 
*Swing plane and angular momentum also have an effect on ones divot….

Bottom line:  Everyone should be at least bumping the earth below the grass when they swing!

Great swings typically take thin strips of grass and ground.  A few, like Greg Norman, JM, and Tom Watson usually just slice the grass right down to the ground. You can’t replace these divots because they just disintegrate. 

As the GRAVITY DRILL build efficiency in the swing, those that take deep, uneven, or off line divots will see them level out…. those that did not take divots or at least bump the ground with great consistency, should see that happen more and more reliably. 

*I’ll finish this by giving a couple of explanations as to why Tom Watson is hitting ridiculously perfect shots without taking a divot in the video posted: 

1.  He’s practicing on the course in this video, and perhaps he is purposely trying to not make a mess
2.  The grass is so perfect, the ball is sitting up as if on a tee, and Tom feels like he can hit is flush without getting deeper into the ground (I’ve been on grass like that…. it’s awesome!)

I’ve studied a few other videos of Tom hitting irons….  He rarely takes much divot, but does tend to BUMP the ground!  That is what I expect from everyone!!! 

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