Answers to life (well, golf) Questions….

Some great comments lately.   Here are some responses:

Pete Yearout commented on THE HEAVE.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve amended my verbiage when it comes to the HEAVE.  The takeaway should be initiated from the BACK, not from the arms.  I used to say back when referring to the heave…. but it’s too ambiguous, and often leads people to use SHOULDERS, rather than core muscles to get the club moving. 

Now, when I discuss the takeaway (the HEAVE), I talk about THE CORE.  When I mention the back, I discuss the muscles that run from your butt up into your lower back.  I emphasize THE CORE, rather than the upper back as the mover of the club.  Pete, you are right, with the core, you will be ‘connected’ with the HEAVE, If you use the upper body too much, you’ll feel disconnected.  Hope that helps. 

Joe Losek asked why David does not have the ONE LEG swing in his video library.  His one leg drill is too difficult for most to perform, even though it is possibly the best drill to teach counterfall and rotation.  He’s replaced it with the CROSSFOOTED drill, which is also fantastic!!! 

My ONE LEG drill is not in his library simply because it is too easy to CHEAT with the back foot.  He’s concerned about people using the back leg as a crutch.   He’s right (as usual!)

I love the drill, and I impress upon my students the importance of NOT using the back foot as a crutch.  It’s such a great teacher of rotation, as you suggest, that I think it’s worth the risk!

Finally,  Tom Watson and the Divot (or no divot) question. … know what?  I’m going to answer that one in the next blog! 

Thanks everyone! Even Leon    *hope those that suscribe take the time to go to the blog site and check out the comments once and awhile!  

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