Routing of the Arms

Warning: Slightly more technical discussion- Any golfers suceptible to overthinking/analyzing/changing/fixing their swings, you have my permission to skip this blog! (I’m talking to you! ______________ (psst…Andy, put your name in the blank….  You too Pete! )

Here’s a comment I got from one of my favorite golf ‘thinkers':

To follow up on my post about Rory McIlroy “swinging in the BACKSWING”…In the process of swinging his arms in the backswing, he takes the club back AWAY FROM HIS BODY. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but it does make intuitive sense to me if you’re trying to create a swing. It’s hard to put my finger on exactly why it makes sense. Perhaps it’s because swinging the club away from your body inherently extends the arms and removes any risk of the arms being cramepd by the body in their “swing” on the backswing. Trevino, one of the all-time great ball striker, did the same thing. He swung his arms “away from the body” on his backswing. Curious as to your thoughts on whether swinging the arms “away from the body” falls in-line with the heave concept.

Here’s my response:  No one should or can tell you exactly which plane to swing on, either in the backswing, or in the thruswing.  Everyone is different, and must discover their own most efficient swing plane.  However, what you are seeing with Rory’s swing is what we call “more efficient routing of the club”.  When the right arm can freely get away from the body and work with proper sequencing, one can create a more physics compliant swing.   Notice that Rory is NOT lifting the club back and away, he’s TURNING, or THROWING the arms into motion.  Now that the tension is out, they can freely fall into the draw plane on his down swing.

In terms of the HEAVE, proper routing of the club is one of David’s highest priorities.  Watch what he has to say about it. *you may have to turn the sound up to hear this clip.  Again, the drills will do the work for you! Don’t over think this!!!

By the way, think about the motion that Clint is referring to and a few players that possess it:  Trevino, Nicklaus, Couples, Kenny Perry, Colin Montgomerie, Scott Hoch, Hale Irwin, and Jim Furyk.  How’s that for a ball striking, play great till forever group of golfers! 

*The more efficient the swing, the longer you can sustain that swing into your golden years!!! 

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