Perfect Timing

Just got a request from Bill S. to put up some video of the swing to help him with some visuals.  The request could not have been timed better!

On my last blog I discussed turning with your core.  The swing example there was Tom Watson (hard to do much better than that!)….

‘Core turn’ for each golfer may look different, and will most likely feel different.  What’s important is that the powerful back moves the arms into a SWING, rather than the arms moving the arms into the backswing.

With great pleasure, I’m going to refer you to David’s new Gravity Golf website.  Watch Danny Lee (David’s son) do the drills, and I think you’ll get a fantastic visual of THE HEAVE.

This link goes to the section:  Why Drills?  and has a discussion of why the GRAVITY GOLF drills are so effective and important.  On the left hand side you can click and watch various drills.  Watch the “left hand normal swing” and you’ll definitely see the core move the arms!

Maybe one day soon, I’ll be video blogging myself!?

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