Takeaway is a Powerful Move from the Core

Watched Tom Watson discuss his takeaway last nite with Michael Breed on the Golf Channel.  One of the best ball strikers in the world…. Ever… and he’s tip toeing around the fact that he uses his hips to help him turn into his backswing!


The HEAVE is a powerful move from the core that throws the tension out of the arms, with enough force to sustain the rest of the swing.  NO additional force from the arms is necessary. 

Golf is a game for life.  Golf is a game we tend to play in our later years.  We all get older.  Tom is around 60 years old himself, and hits the ball ridiculously well…  Perhaps more of us should be HEAVING with our core, rather than trying to keep our lower bodies still, while we wind up our shoulders and upper back…. 

It’s sad that the golf world’s understanding of the golf swing is so narrow; based on the looks of angles, planes and body types rather than on the physiology of the body and the laws of physics. 

How can you get the tension out of the arms sufficient to sustain the swing?  How can you create powerful core energy? 

Chances are, you’d be better served using your core like Tom! 

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