Total Freedom of Motion

No steering, no guiding, no hoping, no trying….  Get a clear picture of what you want to happen, and then freely and fully let the swing go! 

If you’ve been training your FULLY ROTATED, RELAXED AND BALANCED FINISH around the forward pivotal axis, swinging freely is the way to go. 

“Expect the best, accept whatever happens.”    PLAY. 

My Beagle is a ’10 handicap’ ball catcher (and a ‘scratch’ sniffer…..).  Calvin has improved tremendously, but he’s no Border collie or Lab when it comes to snatching the tennis ball…  He does, however, PLAY with total freedom.  He holds nothing back, and he has a blast!!! 

P.S. I’m not encouraging stupid golf.  I’m not giving 10 handicap golfers the recommendation to try dumb shots to make up for their last poor shot… Play smart.  Play high percentage shots. And play those with total freedom!  Have a blast playing smart golf.  You’ll hit more good shots.  You’ll shoot lower scores.  You’ll have more fun regardless….

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