Ah, The Masters!

Great to see some comments posted about the Masters!  Made my morning.  So I’ll address them, and then add my two cents (which now costs a quarter….)

Clint posted a comment about the excitement of the back nine, and that was right in line with what I was going to write about this morning!  Incredible golf yesterday.  Wow! 

Scotty wrote about watching Rory McIlroy up close and in person.  In terms of the GRAVITY GOLF swing, Rory is by far the best of the young guns.  His heave, his total release of tension resulting in total freedom of motion through the ball, and his massive power with spectacular and relaxed balance…  Awesome. He will be contending for a long, long time.

Now, on number 10, he OVER HEAVED.  His arms out raced his core in the backswing therefore he grabbed at the top and hit two big hooks.   It happens, especially to the young.  I was very impressed with how he recovered in terms of his full swing after that.  I feel terrible for Rory having to go through what he did, but I also know his swing, his maturity level, his desire, and his talent will vault him past this tough day at the Masters….  WATCH HIS SWING!!!

My thoughts:  The Masters is the greatest major of the year.  It proves that a course does not need to be freakishly penal to be exciting, or to allow the cream to rise to the top.  I’m so happy the power’s that be, and believe me, it’s their decision probably more than mother nature’s, have allowed the back nine to be like it used to be.  The risk reward factor is phenomenal back there.  The crowds, the course, and of course the incredible talent that is allowed to shine with birdies and eagles is the very reason it’s the feel good major of the year. 

*The others are great and important, but tend to be more of a ‘last man standing’ limp to the finish line… 

Ah, The Masters.  Once again, it did not disappoint.  Simply a blast to watch! 

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