The ‘Until’ Game

This is a drill that I have a love/hate relationship with.  You play it simply by setting up specific goals or criteria that must be met before you leave the range, practice bunker, or putting green. 

For example:  “I will continue to chip UNTIL I hole out 5 shots” or “I will continue to putt 4 foot straight putts UNTIL I can make 100 in a row”. 

I love this game because it tends to intensify my focus.  I love this game because it is so rewarding to accomplish the goal. 

From a learning stand point, it’s a great game because if you are not sharp, you will need to stay longer and, well… get better.  GREAT!  On days when you are really on, many times the “UNTIL GAME” is not that difficult to complete.  GREAT!  Move on to something else. 

I hate this game because sometimes, it can KICK MY BUTT!  I’m persistent enough to stay until, and some days that means WAY TOO LONG!  This drill can drive me nuts when the results hang just outside of my capabilities for the day. 

In the end, if I compete the drill….  It’s worth the pain.  On the occasions when life calls, and I must admit defeat….  it’s crushing. 

Perhaps the hate part of the game is one of the reasons it can be so powerful? 

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