There is No “Down” Needed in a Bunker Shot

There are several reasons why golfers waste a lot of energy in the bunker.  One is poor set up.  They set up “high” so as to avoid touching the sand, which would be a penalty… Good.  But because of this stance, they must now use a downward force to get the club into the sand…. Bad. 

It’s unnecessary, and it wastes energy down, when what we really want is energy moving through the ball and out onto the green!

Set your knees flex and spine angle so that “IF” your arms were to hang straight, the club would extend about 1-2 inches below the surface of the sand.  To avoid touching the sand, simply raise the club by bending your elbows slightly.  This will ‘shorten’ your arms, keeping the club about the sand.  When you swing, HEAVE the tension out of the arms and then let GRAVITY AND ROTATION do the rest. 

GRAVITY will pull the club and the arms down (NO MUSCULAR FORCE NEEDED!!!) into the sand, and your forward ROTATION around the pivotal axis will allow the club to slide through the sand, sending the ball and sand out towards the target on a tangent to the arc of the swing. 

Just the weight of the club, the weight of the arms and gravity are way enough force to slam into the sand in almost every case.  Additional force from muscle is WASTED, and destroys forward rotation… Double WASTE!

MAKE IT EASIER!  Gravity and rotation.  Enjoy. 

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