Let Yourself Learn

My thoughts today go to how quickly many golfers go into ‘confused’, ‘panicked’, or downright ‘depressed’ mode…… 

I understand it- trust me.  I just know that it is not the best reaction to allow to come to the surface.  Golf is DIFFICULT.  Golf is extremely precise in it’s demands….  

Some days will just be lousy- That’s close to universally true.  Some days the body just won’t comply with the commands of the mind.  Some days, the minds commands won’t be as confident, precise, correct as they need to be….. 

The key is not to overly stress.  The key is to trust that YOU HAVE THE KEY to the most efficient golf swing.  You KNOW you have the recipe to build PATH INTEGRITY into your swing. 

Most important-  Know that you know (I mean, you are reading this blog, right?).  Go to the range and let GRAVITY MEET ROTATION.  Work first on your FULLY ROTATED RELAXED BALANCED FINISH…..  BE AWARE as you hang out in your finish…….  Stop judging….  Just be aware. 

Let yourself learn by continuing to just HEAVE and FINISH IN BALANCE….. It may take a while before you LET YOURSELF COMPLY with GRAVITY AND ROTATION….. But trust that it will happen. 

We very often turn to ‘FIX MODE’ way too fast….. Stop thinking….  HEAVE and FINISH IN BALANCE….. Let physics work it’s magic……  Trust and KNOW, and your body will comply over time……

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