Observe Better!

TV analysts do not help the golfing world when they drool over ‘pretty’ swings for the wrong reason.  They just love the swings of Justin Rose, Luke Donald, Martin Kaymer, but for the wrong reasons.  There is no doubt that we can all learn from those swings, but not because they are short and simple.  Not because they are right on “plane”.  We should observe that they HEAVE the tension out of their arms, and then sling the arms and club through the ball with their follow through!!!  We should observe that their swings stay level and the club swings in a beautiful circular motion through the ball.  We should observe the free flowing swings that have no HIT in them. 

TV analysts should also love Jim Furyk’s swing, and they owe the whole world an apology for not understanding or observing the greatness of Lee Trevino’s swing!!!!  Sure, they acknowledge that these two players are two of the best ball strikers and players ever, but they don’t OBSERVE the reasons why!

It’s those very reasons (gravity and rotation) that make swings great.  You don’t have to look like a robot to have a great swing.  And you shouldn’t have to be the coolest dude (or dudette) on the block to get recognition about your swing tempo the way Freddy does….

*Freddy’s one of the only golfers that gets all the swing accolades without having a picture perfect swing.  He deserves all the praise, and more!  His rhythm complies with physics perhaps more than anyone other than Lee Trevino, but his ‘mechanics’ as defined by golf’s ‘higher ups’ are less than desired…. 

Stop looking for pretty.  Look for a free flowing swing that finishes in uninterrupted, fully rotated, relaxed balance. Pretty is as pretty does. 

***I know a golfer gets it when they can watch Lee Trevino or Jim Furyk and they begin to ‘drool’ just a little because of the ‘perfection’ in their swings!!!

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