Freddy Smooth

The commentators on TV can’t help but talk about Freddy’s smooth swing.  Part of it is because Freddy comes off so cool.  He’s got that certain something, no doubt.  Part of it is because his swing doesn’t fit into their vision of a perfect swing, yet he is one of the all time best ball strikers on tour.  Freddy doesn’t analyze every position in his swing.  He doesn’t work endlessly on positions, plane angles, etc….  Freddy doesn’t work on timing and tempo, yet it is about a good as there ever has been. 

It boggles analysts mind, because they are stuck in a paradigm that is wrong.  Freddy doesn’t think about rhythm because he lets his arms swing, and uses GRAVITY to time his swing. 

On TV, they agreed that he was born with great timing… GOOD NEWS!  We are all born with access to GRAVITY!  We can all tap into the consistent tempo of gravity falling as the body rotates around the forward pivotal axis. 

We can’t all have that certain something that Freddy has…  That’s all his!  GO FREDDY!

*P.S.  Another great GRAVITY GOLFER is right behind Freddy at Riviera- VJ Singh.  Hope you get the chance to watch the golf today!

P.P.S.  When spell check hit’s VJ’s name, it comes up with Fiji as an alternative…. Interesting, considering that is his home country………………………

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